What You Should Do After A Loved One Has Been Seriously Injured In A Truck Accident

November 10, 2020


Before getting things started, hats off to all the truck drivers who’ve for years stuck to following traffic rules and respecting other motorists on the highways, even in the worst of weather conditions. But truth be told, it’s not easy sharing lanes with heavy commercial trucks – some abnormally longer. Now, because of their weight, length, and construction, truck accidents are the most gruesome, and you have every reason to be fearful about it. So, what should you do after a loved one has been seriously injured in a truck accident?

Help Them Get the Best Medical Care

Injuries sustained after a truck accident are the most severe, and ensuring that your loved one receives immediate attention seems like the very first thing you need to do. It’s safe to mention this because countless are times when accident victims will get involved in other matters before concentrating on their health first. While they might seem like superficial injuries, Frank Tomeny, an experienced truck accident lawyer in Louisiana, says that a person must receive medical attention as some injuries can take time to show real symptoms. You don’t want your loved one experiencing pain and discomfort days after the accident. This could jeopardize their chances of compensation.

Get The Authorities Involved

Now that your loved one has received medical attention, it’s time to involve the authorities and specifically, the boys in blue. In most states, 911 is the number to call if you have any emergency. Whether it’s a minor fender bender or a major accident, ensure to call the police on behalf of your loved one. The police will help you to document the accident, and it’s the police report that will contain precise and accurate details of the accident. This will later be used when filing a claim.

Seek Legal Advice

It’s at this point that you’ll be required to contact your personal injury attorney and, specifically, one experienced in handling truck accidents. If your loved one was not the at-fault driver, they are entitled to compensation, and the only way they can get it is through legal representation. The legal process will be quite overwhelming and complicated because you’ll be dealing with relentless insurance adjusters. With the best truck accident attorney, however, things can be easier. Among the things to consider when hiring an attorney include:

  • They must be knowledgeable in matters of truck accidents
  • They must have a good track record and a winning history
  • Consider an attorney who’ll be forthcoming and honest
  • They should work on a contingency basis

Hiring an experienced attorney for your loved one after a truck accident will help you to reach a modus vivendi. Resolving any queries thereafter will be easier. It could see your loved one compensated for all the damages and, in so doing, help them towards the recovery process.

Gather Any Crucial Information at the Scene of the Accident

Photo from Pixabay

It’s important that you help your loved one in gathering any crucial information at the scene of the accident. If you get there on time, you might consider recording witness accounts and having their addresses noted down. Additionally, be sure to take pictures at the scene of the accident. If you don’t have a smartphone, you might check for video footage from nearby CCTV cameras. It’s such information that will help to build a stronger case.

Advise Your Loved One Not to Admit Fault

The last thing you want is your loved one admitting fault either due to shock or getting coerced. Any conversations should be made in the presence of a qualified attorney. It’s your attorney’s job and the police to investigate the cause of the accident. Admitting fault will be a liability your loved one cannot afford to bear.

Help Your Loved One to Cope With the Trauma

The best that you can do is help your loved one cope with the trauma. They’ve just gone through a traumatic experience, not to forget the time it has taken to heal from physical injuries. Help to see them recuperate, pick their kids from school, help in picking groceries, and other chores at the house. Most importantly, ensure that they get professional counseling as this is the surefire way to help them regain confidence and self-worth.

There’s a lot that can be to help a loved one after a truck accident. It’s going to be quite a roller coaster, but with the above tips, you could help your loved one get back on track. Being there for them and helping them through the legal and healing processes will all that it could take to see them back on their feet once again.