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How to Use Art in Your Home Office to Ease Pandemic Anxiety

December 18, 2020

Do you run your business from a home office? Are you reeling under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of sales and lower morale and motivation of your employees? Mental health experts suggest using many different ways to cheer up the employees and lift their spirits. Have you heard about art used to ease pandemic anxiety in an office? In addition to improving the décor of a place, art can also do wonders for the employees’ mental health. It is visually appealing and soothing to the mind.

Unleash the Healing Power of Art

An exquisite and fast way to bring a touch of art into your home-office is canvas prints. Art is soothing for the eyes and helps increase the décor of the place where you install it. It is a fact that is known to everyone whether he has any artistic leanings or not. But not many people understand the science behind the art. Art can combat mental stress, and it can make people mentally strong. Your employees don’t need to be doing something creative like playing the piano or creating a painting. You can install canvas prints in your home office to reduce the pandemic anxiety that is there at the back of their minds all the time

Utilize Art for Visual Stimulation of Mind

Not everyone is an artist, and you cannot ask your employees to indulge in an artistic activity during office hours. Such a step would prove counterproductive as employees would enjoy the action. Still, their output will go down because of fewer work hours. To stimulate your employees’ brain’s right side, you can hang beautiful portraits at strategic points in your home office. Scientists have proved that human beings’ right hemisphere responds to the stimulation caused by art, music, and other creative activities. Canvas prints depicting wildlife, landscape, smiling faces, or motivational quotes appeal to the right side of the brain and helps lift your spirits.

Tap Into the Subconscious without Working Hard

It is hard in present times to expect your employees to show no signs of fear or anxiety caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Nearly 50% of Americans remain petrified as they think they can contract this dreaded virus. Close to 40% of the men and women are apprehensive about falling ill and even dying because of this pandemic. In such a scenario, you should be grateful to your employees for being brave and doing their duty despite the risk of contracting this pandemic. To reduce their pandemic related anxiety, you can invest in canvas prints.

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What is a canvas print?

Now that you know what you can do your bit in improving your employees’ mental health working in your home office, it is pertinent to learn about this product. A canvas print is a beautiful and crystal clear image of your choice printed upon a canvas and stretched along with a wooden frame. The idea is printed directly onto the cotton or linen fabric that is UV protected. It means that the image and colors are resistant to sunlight and fading.

  • ·         Canvas prints are very durable and require very little maintenance
  • ·         They are relatively inexpensive as compared with paintings created by famous artists
  • ·         You can get any image printed on canvas in full-color printing
  • ·         These prints are available in different sizes to suit the requirements of the wall where you want them installed

A Wonderful Medium for Emotional Release

It is a proven fact that work of art can reduce mental stress. It is, therefore, not a surprise to find beautiful portraits hung in hospitals and health centers. These pictures tap into the subconscious of the patients while providing a medium for emotional release. In present times, a vast majority of the workforce finds itself reeling under tCoronavirus’snegative psychological impact. Of course, you provide sanitizers, masks, gloves, and follow the rules of social distancing to reduce the fear of this virus from the minds of your workers. By placing beautiful canvas prints at different points in the workplace, you can take advantage of art’s ability to tap into your employees’ subconscious. Bright and colorful prints help eradicate the fear and anxiety that has overpowered your workers’ subconscious minds.

Stress Management through Art

Art is an expression of imagination and creativity. It is mainly considered a domain of and for human beings. Art has not just visual appeal but also has a soothing effect on the observer’s mind. Canvas prints depicting various subjects and topics can elicit different emotional responses from employees working in your home office. In the last 8-9 months, people have suffered a lot at the hands of this dreaded pandemic called Coronavirus. Businesses remained shut for a very long time, and people experienced great difficulties because of authorities’ restrictions to prevent this virus’s spread. All this has wreaked havoc on men and women’s mental health, with increased depression and anxiety instances being reported. As a business owner, you can make creative use of canvas prints to alleviate stress from your employees’ minds. There is enough evidence to prove that art pieces work as therapy to reduce anxiety and stress.

Framed canvas prints can be beautiful tools in your hands to work magic on your employees’ mental health. Your workers may not get time to attend art classes or music classes to get relief from their stress and anxiety. By installing gorgeous canvas prints carrying beautiful landscapes, works of art produced by legendary painters, or just inspirational sayings of famous people, you can play your part in lifting your employees’ spirits and morale. These inexpensive art pieces enhance the décor of your home office and help reduce the feelings of anxiety from the minds of your workers caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Art is a method of coping against Coronavirus. By installing high-quality canvas prints in your home office, you can undoubtedly arm your employees with a coping mechanism against this dreadful pandemic.

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