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6 Practical Tips That Will Prevent Drunk Driving-Related Incidents

January 12, 2021

With so many cars on the road, it is inevitable that there will be accidents, and year-on-year more accidents are being related to drunk driving. Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day of the week, it is not just weekends when drunk drivers are on the roads. A lot of accidents though can be preventable, and as such are avoidable.

Drinking And Driving

Drunk driver accidents and incidents happen, but they don’t need to. If however, you find yourself in an accident, whether you caused it or whether harm was caused to you, you are going to need a good lawyer. As mentioned by an auto accident attorney Pasadena expert, you are going to need an attorney who can give you all of your options and your choices, and of course, if you have been injured in an accident they can get you the medical compensation you deserve. 

We all know that life is hectic and ever-changing, and with the many stresses in our everyday lives, it is very easy to turn to drinking to help get through the day. One drink can lead to several, and before you know it you or those around you have serious issues. With this in mind here are just a few ways that you can prevent drink-drive incidents. 

1. Arrange Transport To And From Your Final Destination

Whether in a cab or sharing an Uber. If you know you are going out for a drink or two, then leave the driving to somebody else. Someone who has not had an alcoholic beverage is a lot safer to drive than even that friend who has only had a couple of drinks.

2. Never Drink On An Empty Stomach And Drink Plenty Of Water

If you are going out for an evening and having a drink then ensure you eat something before you go out, even just a snack will help. Drinking when you have not eaten is never a good idea, as you will get drunk a lot quicker, sometimes even by just having one glass of wine. Drinking on an empty stomach can make one drink feel as bad as two or three impacting your system.

3. Never Allow Anyone To Drive You Around Who Has Had A Drink

This is scary, but it happens. You are as responsible as the driver is. Stop them from driving you around after they have had a drink. Speak up, take away their keys. Insist that you drive if you are sober. Never let somebody drive you around if they have had a drink.

4. Avoid Accident-Prone Hotspots

If areas around where you live or work, or even where you are visiting are known as drunk driver accident hotspots then avoid them at all costs. Take the longer, safer route home, steer clear of areas where you know there are high numbers of drink driver accidents and incidents.

5. Always Have A Designated Driver

Having a rota between friends, work colleagues and family will ensure that everyone takes their turn at being the designated driver.  Make sure that the designated driver who is staying sober and driving the others home at the end of the night can be the drinker on another occasion to ensure it is fair.

6. Limit The Number Of People You Go Out With

This may sound silly, but limiting how many people you go out drinking with, for example, means there are fewer people to fall out with. People are often more confrontational and argumentative when they have had a drink, and they will most likely get themselves or others in an accident on the road through being distracted. So, limit the number of people you go out drinking with to reduce the chance of an argument happening which could ultimately lead to a drunk driver taking to the road in a rage.

There are lots of things you can do as an individual to prevent yourself and those around you from getting behind the wheel and driving when drunk. Drunk drivers cost lives, if you are hit and injured your life will never be the same again. You may never even fully recover. Think about how an accident would impact your life and the lives of those around you and never entertain drinking and then driving.

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Drunk driver incidents and accidents are preventable, it doesn’t take much to be responsible and aware of what you are drinking, and what those around you are drinking. If you see anybody getting behind the wheel of a car who you know has had a drink you must be responsible and report this person and incident as soon as possible to ensure accidents and potentially fatalities are kept to a minimum.

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