Here’s Why You Should Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

April 14, 2021

When someone is involved in a car crash, it can be a traumatic experience. The person may find themself sitting at the side of the road, looking at damaged vehicles and debris scattered across the freeway. The person may be in pain and wondering what has happened and why.

The most important thing is that those involved in the accident receive a medical assessment and any treatment that is required. If the incident occurred due to another person’s carelessness, it may be possible to claim financial compensation. In order to maximize the payout, it is advisable to employ a personal injury lawyer. We will now discuss some of the main reasons why this is true.

They Can Take The Stress Off You

There may be a long journey of medical appointments, treatment, and rehabilitation ahead. If a qualified and experienced professional takes charge of the legal proceedings, you can be free to focus on your recovery.

In 2019 Virginia had 128,172 car crashes. 827 people were killed and 65,708 were injured. According to a Harrisonburg car accident lawyer, many people request free lawyer consultations online. They also use live chat facilities to speak with a professional. Injured parties are actively seeking experienced attorneys with good success rates and legal affiliations (eg membership of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum).

They Can Advise You

The lawyer would be able to assess how likely you’d be to win a compensation claim. They may also be able to provide an estimated figure. It is an established fact that people who use legal advocates gain higher payouts.

You may not know anything about personal injury claims. The lawyer would be able to advise you on all the documents required, and how the legal process works – and how long it could take. Each American state has a Statute of Limitations which sets how long you have to submit your claim. For instance, Virginia gives you two years.

They Can Decide On The Settlement Figure

A layman with little legal experience and who is feeling physically unwell will struggle to do this on their own. A personal injury lawyer can advise that the remuneration needs to cover all your medical expenses – both now and in the future. They could include medical appointments, surgery, scans, prescription medication, therapy, physical therapy, and so on. If the house needs updating following a disability, this also needs to be factored in.

Loss of earnings is another element the lawyer can advise on. It’s not just about money lost while a person is off sick from work. It’s also about whether the person will be able to do the same job in the future, or if they will be unable to work again. Added to this are such considerations as pain, suffering, trauma, and loss of enjoyment of life.

They Can Deal With The Other Party’s Insurance Company

Insurance companies are businesses, and for this reason, they resist paying claims wherever possible. As a result, adjusters work with them to protect their interests. Lawyers are able to deal with the companies instead of the injured parties. This protects them from being cornered into saying something that would compromise their claim or being goaded into providing a differently worded accident statement.

The lawyer can advise their client not to speak to the company directly, and to be silent about the claim on such platforms as social media. This is because the insurance company could use the posts as evidence if they conflicted with the original statement.

It may be that there will be early settlement offers to avoid the matter going to court. In this case, the sum offered may be lower than requested. The lawyer would be best placed to advise in such situations.

They Can Be Your Legal Advocate

The attorney will be able to put the case together. This will involve them collecting such things as medical reports, salary paperwork, and accident photos. They may also conduct interviews with witnesses of the incident.

In some cases, they will create an accident reconstruction and seek specialists who can also provide statements. If a Police report has been produced the lawyer will also obtain a copy. The attorney would be able to oversee the claim process, and to be the victim’s voice should it end up in court.

As we can see, the help of an experienced professional can be priceless on many counts. They can aggressively fight for justice and a reasonable financial payout. With their help, a person may be able to pay all their bills and receive the treatment they deserve.