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Professional Makeup Artist Gives Advice and Career Insights: Interview 

Makeup artist Fairuze Reis de Lucena has more than fifteen years of experience in the highly competitive field of makeup artistry. 

Reis de Lucena has worked in bridal makeup as well as makeup for film and television, and she has won a number of awards in the process, including the IBI award for Best On Stage Makeup and Best Reparative Makeup, as well as winning an international competition hosted by MAC Cosmetics. 

Having such an impressive reputation in entertainment and the beauty industry, we wanted to ask Reis de Lucena for some advice that might be helpful to young makeup artists hoping to reach the same level of success that she has. 

Reis de Lucena didn’t disappoint, weighing in on what it takes to become an expert, how to overcome challenges, and the flexibility of style. You’ll find our interview with Reis de Lucena below.  

At what point in your career did you feel that you had become an expert in your craft?

Wow, that question really makes me think. After fifteen years of experience, I can say that from the moment you feel confident and you are sought after for your skills and creativity, that’s a great sign. I think that more than defining yourself as an expert, the market says when you are one.

Did you feel challenged when you first started working professionally as a makeup artist?

Certainly. In fact, you are challenged with every new project. Every beginning has its insecurities and challenges to be overcome. With each new breakthrough, you create mental files that make it easier for you to get through each obstacle.

How long have you been doing bridal makeup? Do you enjoy being part of such an important event?

I’ve been doing wedding makeup since I started my career. It’s really a magical universe, I feel like a dream-maker. The wedding is always a long-awaited moment and will be recorded forever. I will be remembered in the photo album for sure. I always receive brides who are anxious and sensitive when we talk about makeup. But there’s nothing like a deep breath, getting your bearings, and staying calm to make every detail perfect.

What do you like the most about working in entertainment? 

What I like most about working in entertainment is that there is no routine. Every day we have new people, new characters to be created, and that makes everything more smooth and fun. Another thing is to be able to watch your work in a finished product. In those moments, it’s nice to sit back with some popcorn and watch my work.

How can young makeup artists start to work in TV and film?

If you’re not a fast-paced person or can’t stand the pressure, rethink whether you want to work in TV and cinema. You need to take a deep breath because you will not always have enough time to do a job and it will need to be done. 

But I don’t want to discourage anyone, what I say here is, be prepared! If you have the skills to understand the theory of light and shadow and the right products for each segment, go ahead. Often having the emotional side worked on makes you an even more confident person. Overcome the challenges.

Do you think it’s important for makeup artists today to have online portfolios of their work? 

Anyone who doesn’t have an online portfolio is out. It may seem like a harsh statement, but we live in a globalized, connected world. People from all over the world can access your work if you are a globally connected person. You will certainly have more opportunities and visibility if you take care of this detail. It’s not easy but it’s worth the investment.

Is it important for makeup artists to have their own style, or for them to be able to use different styles all the time?

Every makeup artist has his signature makeup style, but moving through styles is not a problem. You can also adopt other styles in addition to what you already do. This is how a flexible and creative professional is built. 

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