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4 Life-Saving Espresso Machines Every Barista Would Love

June 8, 2021

There was a time when grabbing your latte or cappuccino was part of most people’s morning routine. This all came to change when COVID-19 hit, and most people were forced to work from home. But slowly, things are getting back to where they were.

That means baristas will be out of first gear once again, soon enough. There are several espresso machines that you can look to buy if you’re looking towards that business. They can also be used at home when you want to achieve barista-level drinks. Here are four that any barista would love to have in their cafe and work with them every day.

  1. Double Espresso Machine

If you’re also looking for something that produces a nice crema on top of the espresso, this is your machine. Most of these machines can cost between $230 and above. But they are worth the price with the comfort and speed they give your business. The first machine you need to look at when looking for an espresso machine for your coffee shop, café or business,  should be this one. It can brew two shots at the same time, making it ideal for saving time. You won’t have people waiting in line for this one with this machine.

Another reason you would want this type of machine is that most of this model tends to be quite fast and save time. It takes around 4 minutes to have your two shots ready. It takes around 90 seconds for the ready light to show up and another 90 seconds to brew the two shots.

  1. Double Espresso with Smart-steam Wand

Still on the double espresso machines, since they are the preferred ones for businesses, you have the smart-steam wand type. These machines come with what is known as Temp iQ technology. This is what is normally referred to as the wand.

The technology helps adjust steaming automatically to create a creamier foam. You can opt to stretch, and the Temp iQ helps you do just that when it comes to steaming. This means you do away with burned milk for good.

This espresso machine comes in at around $200 and above. And with the steaming capabilities it possesses, it will be worth its worth in your coffee shop, café, or business. It can be embarrassing to serve burned milk, and this machine saves you from such with its wand.

  1. Automatic Frother Espresso Machine

If you are looking for a manual espresso machine, this should be the way to go. With the machine, you have to measure manually, so you have to know your stuff. You also need to grind and tap your beans.

One part of the machine that is automatic is the steamer. It ensures that it turns off when the milk reaches a certain froth and temperature. You need to set the automation to your preferred settings, though.

The machine isn’t as manual as the automatic frother, and you don’t have to sit and wait there for it to brew. Most espresso machines in this category come in at around $150 – $200, depending on the market.

One aspect of the machine that you’ll need to watch out for is the milk container. If it isn’t cleaned up regularly, it will start to smell, affecting your business. The container is quite efficient, though you can throw it in the dishwasher for most brands.

  1. Breville Espresso Machines

At the top of the line when it comes to barista-level espresso machines is this Breville line. Some of the top baristas across the globe have recommended these machines because of their effectiveness.

Most of the machines in this line offer you a mix of automation and manual systems. It means even beginner-level baristas can get quite comfortable. There’s only little room for error when you opt to use this specific brand.

If you’re looking for something that has an effective grinder and steamer, this is the way to go. The quality of bean grinding when it comes to this line of machinery isn’t matched anywhere. These machines tend to be high priced, and you can get one for $660, making it quite costly than the others in the market.

It, however, looks to provide the most value for money as far as a coffee business goes.


When in the market for the right espresso machine, there are a lot of things you’ll need to consider. One of the selling points of any is the automation of the machine. These are the top espresso machines that any barista or aspiring will love to have.

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