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How to Prepare for Your First Year at Art School

The summer before art school is both exciting and nerve-racking. How talented will the other students be? Will people be impressed with your art style? The best way to calm your nerves is to prepare as best as you can so that you walk in on your first day ready for anything. Here is how. 

Purchase Your Supplies 

The supplies you need for art school will depend on what particular art you are studying. Usually, the school will tell you what you need, but it’s a good idea to stock up on extra supplies that you know you use frequently. After all, every artist is unique. If you are a sculptor, Firefly Art Supplies is where to buy polymer clay for the flexibility you need to create your art. Once you start art school, you’ll be grateful you chose supplies of higher quality! 

Sort Out Your Finances 

It’s not just your creative mind you need to worry about – you also need to consider your finances. How are you paying for school? What money will you live on? If you are lucky enough to have savings to get you through art school, then great, but otherwise, consider whether you’ll get by through a scholarship, loans, or working on the side. The idea of being a struggling artist might sound romantic, but in reality, you want to afford more than instant noodles and one night out a month.  

Add Classmates on Social Media 

It’s never too early to make friends at art school! By adding people on social media beforehand, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded artists and even plan some days out together. You’ll likely feel more relaxed knowing there are friendly faces to greet you once you’re there. 

Practice Your Art 

The better your art is when you start art school, the better it will be when you leave. So, hone your skills before the first semester by spending your summer painting, sculpting, drawing – whatever type of art you’ll be doing. Not only will you improve your art, but you’ll also be able to create an excellent portfolio

Research the School 

You should know a lot about the art school you’re attending before you arrive so that you are not overwhelmed on the first day. Research what clubs they offer, what is nearby, and where you should go for general information/questions. That way, you can spend more time diving into the work during your first week rather than trying to get around! 

Learn to Schedule Your Time 

If you have a free summer before art school, it’s a good idea to get into good habits like scheduling your time. By all means, have fun, but try to stick to a schedule for creating art so that you’re not all over the place when it comes to attending classes and meeting deadlines. 

Get Excited! 

Art school should be one of the best times of your life. During those years, you’ll get to focus entirely on your art while making a bunch of creative and interesting friends. So, turn your nerves into excitement and think about all the memories you’re about to make!

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