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Tips On How To Create A Chic Living Room: Use These Colors

August 21, 2021

Creating a living room isn’t as easy as it looks. You need to find the right colors to blend in for the room to come out the way you imagined it, especially if it’s a chic living room. This is a room that all visitors will first see when they come; it has to appeal. 

If you don’t know what you will do, you need to follow a few tips. These tips are the ones that will get you to the type of chic living room you desire. Here are some of the tips you need to consider and the colors you need to use for the room. 

Paint One Wall

After the initial coat or the theme color, you need only to paint one wall. This will be a new color that blends in with the rest of the colors in the living room. You need to pick a larger wall for the one that you’ll paint. 

The color can be contrasting to the one that has covered the better part of the living room. In some instances, you can be subtle as most chic living rooms would go. Paint the wall in the same color family; it needs to be darker than the other walls. 

Throw in a Few Pillows

A pillow brings in a burst of color that most rooms don’t have initially. But it would help if you were strategic about where you place the pillows to not interfere with the other parts of the room. You can go for solid when it comes to floral furnishings. 

If you are to go with the patterned ones, you can also do it with solid pieces. You can also go for mix and match patterns for a more comprehensive array of colors. You can explore your interior creative nature when adding the throw pillows; don’t overdo it. 

Add A Lamp

You need to have the proper lighting in the room if you want to bring in a bit of mix into the room. During the day, natural light can be your best friend as it brings out the best in the room. A new lamp will do the trick at night. 

The lamp will also serve as part of the décor with the finishing and the color. This can be a great idea to have color pop up around the living room. It can work as a piece of art to blend the room to look extra modern.

Freshen the Cushion

One aspect of the room that you can revamp is the upholstery and especially the chair cushion. This can be done to the smallest cushion on the chair as it can make a difference in the room. You can choose one design which is the green cushion design to change up the overall look. It would help if you started with the smallest part as it is a vast undertaking overall. Strip off the old cushions and replace the fabric with a new design. You can have the old remnants of the colorful textile if it blends well with the new idea you are putting forward. 

Add Nature 

Mother nature can bring a new idea to your living room. Some of the natural colors can ensure that you have a new and improved chic living room. You can go, for the most part, greenery look as it thrives indoors better. 

The green will work well if the indoor has low lighting. It presents a cool and decorated feel about the room. Seek to bring in artificial flowers and plants that are modern. The modern ones can easily fool the eyes, further enhancing the look you desire. 

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Spread Color Underfoot

If you go for a carpet or rug, you need to ensure that it is colorful. It should make the whole room look a bit cozier. The carpet can be strategically placed in front of the chairs or under the table to add color. When you have hardwood as part of the area, you need to ensure that it doesn’t show on the room’s edges. The carpet should be a contrasting color to the one on the floor. If the rug is a neutral one, you can custom paint it. 

When creating a chic living room, you don’t need to be overly complicated with the design. You need to think of small steps for a start and grow with the theme. These are just a few tips that you can use to create a chic living room with a bit of color.

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