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Goddess Statues: How to Find the Best of Them

September 1, 2021

  Goddesses are a representation of the ‘shakti’ or feminist power in Hindu mythology. They are an embodiment of female empowerment. The goddess is not only a consort but a supreme power that is as capable as the gods. 

Bringing a goddess statues into your home can fill it with positive energies. But buying a statue is not an easy task and needs some serious research on your part. Here are some important considerations you must make when purchasing a statue. 

How to Find The Best Goddess Statue?

Look For A Reliable Seller

It is probably the first thing that you should do. Always try to go for a seller you know or who has a good reputation in the market. If you go for a trusted seller, you can be assured that they have not used cheap quality material. 

When you are buying metal statues, there are high chances that some cheap metals have been used. A trusted seller will not do such a thing. Always buy from a seller who has posted good-quality high-resolution images of the statue. It will help you inspect the quality of the statue. 

You can also go through the customer reviews to see if any customers are not satisfied and are given cheap-quality products. Additionally, look for sites with easy return policies as it shows the seller’s commitment to high-quality products. 

Source of the Product

When choosing the best quality, look at the source of the statues. Most handcrafted goddess statues are made in India and Southeast Asian countries, and therefore, they need to be sourced from there. 

If the source of the statue is not clear, most probably, you are not buying an original handcrafted artifact. You have to note that the representation of the goddesses is a very delicate matter and should be done appropriately to maintain the sanctity of the statue. 

Also, every element and even posture have significance. Only an artist who is aware of the tradition can give it the best representation. 

Pick The Right Material

Next, you must select the material of the statue. There are many choices available these days, and you can choose between brass, bronze, fiber & resin, marble, stone, and wood. 

Your choice can depend on your budget, the amount of maintenance you can give to your statue, and its placement. 

  • Bronze: It has been used in creating sculptures for centuries. Bronze is made less brittle by melting copper and tin together. It is made to last long and is perfect if you like something strong that lasts years. 
  • Wood: Wood statues have a shorter life than metal ones, especially when kept indoors or in humid areas. But they have an appeal and look beautiful with a glossy wooden shine. 
  • Marble: This is a perfect material for sculptures you want to buy outdoors as it is completely weather-resistant. It is durable, long-lasting, and stays for years without much maintenance and care. 
  • Stone: This is another perfect material if you want something low maintenance and for the outdoors. Stone statues have a natural, rustic appeal and look charming.
  • Fiber and Resin: It is a relatively new material used for making the goddess statues. Fiber and resin statues are popular because they are lightweight than most other metal and stone statues. You can place them indoors or outdoors. However, they are not resistant to extreme weather, especially the cold. 

If you believe in Vaastu, you must be aware that you need to choose the right material according to the Vaastu. Each of the materials you choose has significance and benefits like prosperity, success, and happiness. So, choose the material carefully. 

Choose The Right Style 

In Indian mythology, there are many goddesses. The most popular goddesses are Laxmi, goddess Durga, Goddess Saraswati, Parvati, Kali, and Shakti. Thus, it’s up to you to pick the goddesses you would like to bring home. 

Secondly, the goddesses are in different postures and forms. For example, you can see goddess Laxmi in sitting as well as in the standing position. You can decide on the pose and form based on the traits of each one. 

Size Requirements

Your goddess statue should fit into the surroundings. Therefore, consider the size you would like to buy. If a statue is too small, it will not look impressive in the surroundings. 

Similarly, if the statue is too giant, it will look overwhelming. So, first, choose the place where you want to put your statue. If it’s in the garden, there should be no overhang that can block the statue. Go for a size that blends into the surrounding. 

Lastly, you should think of your budget. You should make your choices within your budget range. Materials like marble, brass, and bronze are comparatively costlier than wood, fiber, and resin. Remember all the things mentioned here, and it will help you buy the best goddess statue.

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