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How To Use Antique Furniture To Make Your Home Design More Artistic

October 5, 2021

An antique piece is a piece that is at least 100 years old, and you probably either buy it because you fell in love with it or acquired it as an inheritance from a relative or a dear one. Either way, we have all stumbled across antiques one way or another; usually, we keep them stored in a storage room or a closet undisplayed because we simply can’t figure out how to make use of them. Antiques are unique and hard to blend into modern settings; however, decorating a modern area with them is not impossible. Here are 7 ways you can use antiques to add an artistic touch to your home.

  1. Statement Piece

Sometimes your antique piece is so strong; you know you can’t blend it in with any room. What you can do in that case is use it as a centerpiece. It is especially easy to tone down the furniture around a centerpiece to help eyes focus on only one piece. For this trick to work, use white tones and clear furniture for most of the room and set your main piece where it is easily visible, surrounded by as little color as possible. Antique pieces are well-known for their intense colors, and they stand out easily. 

  1. Collection Rack

Antique frames, watches, mirrors, stands, etc., are all possible additions to your very own collection rack. The most popular antiques in the market are found in French antique shops. The country is highly popular for its sophisticated and aristocratic furniture designs. If you are a huge collector, you can decorate a couple of antique French bedroom sets with collection racks full of vintage keepsakes from your adventures. Antiques gathered together to give a room an artistic feel and showcase your connections in the market, which many people appreciate. 

  1. Accent Piece

Not all antiques have to stand out in the room. For example, if your antique piece is a small stand or bedside table, you can use the table as an accent piece in your room. Add the table in a corner surrounded by modern furniture and add a plant on top to camouflage it. This way, you get your piece where it is viewable but still blended in perfectly. 

  1. Use With Lookalikes

You don’t have to always organize your antique next to modern furniture; there are many reproduced pieces in the market that are designed to look old and vintage. For example, if it feels weird to add a buffet table to a modern dining room, why not give your whole room a vintage aesthetic. It will help your room feel sophisticated and still give you a space where your antique can shine. 

  1. Re-Design And Redecorate

Although not the recommended way to decorate with an antique, you might have to repaint your antique piece if you receive it too beat-up, or its color will never match your home. For example, some antiques have reddish-brown colors, bright green and yellow colors, etc. Since most of these are not popular nowadays, if you feel that you can’t use your antique as a centerpiece and it is too much to blend in, it might be a good idea to strip and sand the existing paint and professionally repaint your antique.

  1. Old Meets New

Sometimes the layering technique is what you need to blend in a piece of vintage furniture. Layers mean mixing styles in a room to match its purpose and set a different tone for each area. For example, imagine a bedroom where the wardrobe is a vintage piece. Instead of setting the wardrobe as the centerpiece, simply keeping everything as high as the wardrobe recontextualizes the classic piece; it is a way to help the general atmosphere slightly change as the eye goes down to the modern bed and bedside table.

  1. Repurposed Piece

Your vintage piece doesn’t always have to be a furniture piece. Sometimes it could be a really old garden chair that you got from your grandma; however, you don’t have a garden! When faced with a dilemma like this one, repurpose the chair in your dining area and buy chairs that accent its beauty and showcase that it always belonged to the dining room. 

Image courtesy Unsplash

Finally, don’t forget that there is nothing wrong with keeping a piece from the past in your home. After all, our very existence is strongly related to the past. Your family will be thrilled to see their gift displayed in your home, so take our advice and try different styles to see what fits your home best.