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Virtualization Solutions for Different Industries

February 24, 2022

In this era of digital transformation, businesses are recognizing the need to take their data to the next level. The right data center can elevate a business to the front of the pack in a crowded marketplace. Data virtualization acts as a bridge across multiple, diverse data sources, bringing critical decision-making data together in one place to fuel analytics. This fast access and modern data layer make for the ultimate operating system across a variety of business sectors. Here are some of what data virtualization has to offer.

Communications & Technology


In the communications & technology sector, virtualization solutions are used to apply a range of analytics, including visualized, predictive, and streaming capacities. This allows companies to differentiate their market research services to better understand the individual needs of their customers. With virtualization technology, businesses can increase their revenue for each customer, and build their modern data center to get the best assessment of a consumer profile.

With agile design and development, businesses are able to introspect their available data and uncover hidden relationships. With proper data protection in that virtualization infrastructure as well, companies can automate the difficult work that goes into improving solution times through these data sources. Businesses work to validate their views and services to better understand the customer base, and then modify as required.



In the energy sector, virtualization software is key to application deployment and making sure that problems within the current environment are addressed with immediacy. Data virtualization optimizes upstream energy production, encouraging business continuity by making sure that assets are being distributed properly. This avoids any detrimental downtime that can prevent energy distribution that can keep customers in the dark or stall production.

With the ability to locate hindrances in the pipeline in real-time, utilities are able to improve well maintenance and repair issues quicker. With high-performance runtime, the optimized query executes a single statement, and the result is delivered in proper form. This capability allows for up-to-the-minute data, which provides quicker analytics for offshore platform data and optimizes cross-refinery processes across the system.

Financial Services


When it comes to financial services, virtualization software is at the heart of a properly implemented security architecture. This helps to manage fixed-risk income for customer accounts while improving trade reconciliation across a portfolio for a variety of operators. A virtual desktop environment makes financial transactions easier for their customer base, caching essential data to invoke a request for an optimized query that boosts performance and allows for 24-7 availability.

Allowing for easier access in those virtual environments is a draw for customers, accelerating new client onboarding and addressing the complexity of certain financial issues. Virtualization technology not only presents innovation but strong encryption, keeping sensitive data safe while providing tailored solutions to your financial needs. This empowers data democracy with a proper storage management solution, also enriching cash management clients and consultants.



In the manufacturing industry, virtualization technology is turned to by some companies to optimize their global supply chain. With real-time access to data, business decisions can be made faster to avoid downtime and improve the agility by which a workforce handles their problems. By optimizing factories and logistics, virtualization software browses all available data, while selecting from a directory of views, collaborating with IT to improve data quality and usefulness.

By differentiating information via digitization, this virtualization capability empowers business users with more data, improving business user effectiveness. With the right application framework, manufacturers are able to reap the key benefits of a proper system that captures snapshots of a supply chain in real-time. This virtual system can take a business of any size to the next level, providing the competitive edge they need to stand out.

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