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Are There Legitimate Reasons to Deny Your Home Warranty Claim?

Home warranties are popular among homeowners as they ensure timely repairs or replacement of faulty appliances. Securing a home warranty does provide peace of mind, but this comfort can be disrupted if the home warranty provider denies the warranty claim. In this article, we will help you understand why your warranty claim can be denied, the legitimate reasons behind this denial, and briefly highlight the measures you can adopt to avoid such a situation. 

The Appliance is Not Covered

Home warranty companies can deny a claim if the appliance or home system is not listed as covered in the contract. Another reason your claim might get denied is that there are specific components or parts in an appliance that are not covered. Most home warranty providers offer system plans, appliance plans, or a complete plan that takes care of repairs and replacements for almost all faulty appliances or home systems. Therefore, consider your requirements before signing up, and always remember to read the contract so you know what’s covered and what isn’t.

Poor Appliance Maintenance

You cannot successfully file a warranty claim for the appliance or home system if it is not maintained adequately. A poorly maintained appliance loses its chances of an approved warranty claim. Improper installation of the appliance can lead to faults that are also not covered by the home warranty service. 

Wear and Tear

Normal wear and tear is acceptable and can be covered by the home warranty service. However, the coverage for breakdowns and repairs might not be possible if the appliance was not operated properly. For example, kids slamming the dishwasher door will result in wear caused by poor handling and will not be compensated for by the home warranty service. 

Primary Breakdowns Only

Home warranty service providers will only provide you coverage for primary breakdowns and not for secondary ones. You can adequately manage and avoid breakdowns, but in some cases, you won’t be able to do anything. For example, if your washing machine overflows and floods the laundry area, this is a secondary breakdown claim and will be rejected immediately.

Damage By Animals

Most home warranties don’t provide you with the repair or replacement services if the appliance breakdown was caused by an animal, whether this animal is a stray or your pet.

Unauthorized Repairs

If you have personally repaired an appliance or hired independent repair personnel, the chances of availing of a home warranty decrease by many folds.

Time of Contract

Home warranty services have a yearly contract that needs to be renewed to have continued coverage. If you are claiming for a repair after the contract date has passed, you will not be able to file a warranty claim. Furthermore, home warranty companies put a cap on how many repairs are allowed per year which can also lead to denial of your claim. 

As there are various scenarios in which your claim may be rejected. The best way to move forward is by meticulously reading the contract before you sign up, keeping proper appliance maintenance records, and always taking adequate measures so your appliances and home systems don’t experience unnecessary wear and tear.