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How to get your work in an art gallery 

Before figuring out how to approach art galleries, attend as many art gallery openings & show as you can. All you can do is introduce yourself to the gallery owners & curators. Get familiarized with local gallery painting stories along with up & comers. They make great conversation starters. Try to be cordial, but remember you are there as a spectator at someone else’s showcase. Get connected with fellow artists & be supportive of their tasks.

Some art galleries seeking the latest artists do not posts call for artists’ submission & the only way in is through referral. This really comes out of the blue from fellow artists that admire your task. Take the time to build relationships so that other artists want to help you out. Take a note of the art print you are seeing in the gallery, especially your art gallery choices that you would love to see your work in. 

It is to be noted certain galleries along with curators may have a specific taste. They might be in favor relating to a certain style on art prints & oil copies manufactured on demand in the task they personally select. 

It is good to ask what they are looking for, but do not worry about changing your work to cater to one subjective opinion. All you can do is focus on finding a good fit for your existing work. No venue is too small if you are trying to get your art gallery smaller exhibitions are a great stepping stone & it is easier to get into. 

Even a small coffee shop can display the best pieces. Planning an art show & art print yourself can be great way to explore more individuals including curators & gallery owners. By including other artists your art will get in front of their network as well expanding the reach of the show. 

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