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Photo Essay Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Protests at 1972 Republican National Convention

Global Justice Ecology Project has published a new photo essay commemorating the 50th Anniversary of antiwar protests during the 1972 Republican National Convention in Miami Beach which occurred over 21-23 August.

These photos launched the career of social documentary photographer Orin Langelle. Langelle who went on to study under Cornell Capa at the International Center of Photography spent the next five decades traveling the globe to document peoples’ struggles against social, ecological, and economic injustice, including photos from indigenous people’s communities where no other photographers were permitted.

Orin Langelle commented, “These photos from my first assignment reflect a place and time that can feel oddly contemporary yet unique in American history. As today we see the country split down the middle, my photos from 1972 reflect a very similar, yet also very different schism. In the 60s and 70s we saw a rising up of a radical left youth movement, not just in the U.S. but around the world. Today we see communities split due to rhetoric by politicians and their pundits. In a time of climate crisis that seems absurd to me.”

“I have had the opportunity to work with Orin Langelle for the past three decades. I have seen the power of his photographs that document the strength and resilience of people from many cultures who are standing up against the power and greed of corporations and governments. People who are defending their land from the destruction caused by mining, hydroelectric dams, and logging for industrial tree plantations and genetically engineered crops. These photographs have been both inspirational and difficult to view, but have importantly highlighted the people and their struggles in ways that mere words cannot,” added Anne Petermann, Executive Director of Global Justice Ecology Project.

Wounded soldier from Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) in a wheelchair during protests against the RNC. He was one of over 200,000 U.S. casualties in that war.
Beat Poet Allen Ginsberg reads for the crowd
A rally for the “Pot Peoples Party” demanded the legalization of marijuana as dozens climbed this tree while others looked on

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