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20th Frederick Law Olmsted Gala Fri Sep 9, 2022

Celebrating Olmsted 200 at the 20th Annual Frederick Law Olmsted Gala

As our community continues to enjoy and find comfort in Buffalo’s historic green spaces, we are excited and grateful to be able to fundraise for our parks at the 20th Annual Frederick Law Olmsted Gala!

If you are unable to join us in person, please consider making a donation and participating virtually at the silent auction.

Every contribution goes a long way in helping the Conservancy sustain the parks that are sustaining you.

Donate or view the silent auction here!

The Conservancy will be honoring the National Association for Olmsted Parks (NAOP) with the Frederick Law Olmsted Award

First given in 2003, the Frederick Law Olmsted Award is named after America’s foremost landscape architect and honors those who “protect the environment and preserve America’s historic treasures by fostering preservation in the community, advocating for legislative, educational, administrative, or other action that significantly promotes conservation and restoration of historic lands or properties.” NAOP has played a vital role in preserving and advocating for Olmsted landscapes throughout the nation, including that of Buffalo, New York. In 2022, NAOP is leading a national effort “Olmsted 200” to enhance partnerships across the Olmsted network and awareness among all partners and the public.

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