David Timothy: Here For a Good Time and a Long Time

Vocalist and producer David Timothy had a multinational upbringing that introduced him to a massive variety of musical genres and influential artists. So maybe it’s no surprise that Timothy has found ways to combine the lyricism of hip-hop with pop’s infectious, dance-friendly melodies. 

Following the successful release of his single, Let’s Ride, Timothy has been playing shows in Europe and here in the US, including performances at Stockholm’s annual culture festival, Abba Museum’s Pop House, and Cafe 939 in Boston. 

Now he’s looking to carry all this momentum into the release of his next single, Fast Lane. But that’s not all: he’s also planning to release an EP early next year.  

We wanted to learn more about Timothy’s endless creativity and enthusiasm for creating catchy and positive music, so we got in touch and managed to set up an interview. 

David Timothy

Timothy sets high standards for himself, and he went into detail on how he wants his lyrics to speak to the listener and maybe even help them through some tough times. 

If you’d like to keep up with Timothy’s tour dates and upcoming work, you can find him on all socials as @TheDavidTimothy. 

Welcome. Could you share one of your earliest memories of making music?

One of my earliest musical memories was playing the piano when I was two years old. I played on all the black keys and figured out pretty quickly that they all worked together. It wasn’t until later that I learned that this was because they were in the same key, and I also learned that a few white keys worked with them as well.

What were some of your most significant musical influences while growing up?

My most significant musical influences growing up were Andy Mineo, Bruno Mars, and Eminem. I have fond memories of “My Name is” being the first song I ever learned. Unlike most people growing up in Sweden in a relatively non-musical household, I was never exposed to the soul and hip-hop classics that everyone always talks about. It still shocks people that I don’t know certain songs. Perks of being foreign, I guess. 

Tell us more about your most recent single. What was the inspiration for this track?

Let’s Ride came from a place of stress and loneliness. I had struggled for years with writer’s block and had just been too busy with school and work to write, putting all the pressure of doing everything on myself.  But when I moved in with my roommate Ohnly, his beats just spoke to me, and I was able to write both verses almost immediately. 

From there, I reached out to a friend, and we set up a writing session. He presented the hook, I modified it a bit, and the result was a song that sparks unity. A song that I hope will give people the courage to chase their dreams and remember that no matter who you are or what you’re going through, you shouldn’t go through it alone. Even in your darkest moments, when you feel like no one cares about you, there’s always someone who does, we just have to dare to look. 

The next song I’m releasing, called Fast Lane, continues on this theme of pushing through, no matter what. My co-writer, TA3, and I created it as an anthem for driven individuals all over the world, and the verses tell the story of me and my passion and goals in this industry. My hope is that it will connect with the hearts of many and drive them to achieve things they never imagined.

Do you appreciate having firsthand experience with the music cultures in both Sweden and the US, as well as a connection to West Africa?

I appreciate it immensely. It allows me a unique versatility in artistry. I understand the ins and outs of pop, afrobeat, hip-hop and so much more. It makes me somewhat of a cultural chameleon who can change and adapt no matter the musical situation. It also allows me to truly capture the voice of the people, which I believe is my ultimate job. 

How would you describe your own musical style?

My music is a blend of all my experiences. If I had to label it, I’d say it’s pop-rap. It’s rap for the masses that has a message of love and unity and lets people be their true selves. 

When you start working on a new track or album, do you have a specific set of goals in mind?

My goal with creating is to make sure I’m staying true to myself while also creating music that will help someone out of a dark situation. The second thing on my mind is, will this be lit to bump in the car or scream to at a concert? I love performing, so I’m always looking to create music that will be a blast to perform and enjoy live. 

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?

I’ve been sitting on an album for a couple of years now. It depicts my journey through college and my struggle with finding my voice and my place as an artist. It’s scheduled to launch in early 2023. My goal is that it’ll help people find their place and their voice in the world. I also think it’ll be a dope introduction to me as an artist. I’m here for a good time and a long time.