Keith Raniere and Toni Fly
Keith Raniere and former cellmate Toni Fly in the USP-Tucson SHU. [Painting by MK10 Art]
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NXIVM Update: Raniere Says Bye to Toni Fly

William Anthony “Toni” Fly, who was previously a bunkmate of Keith Raniere, has been transferred to USP Terre Haute, Indiana, while Maurice Adonis Withers, a sex trafficker who punched Raniere, also ended up there. Meanwhile, Raniere’s attorneys have filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the Supreme Court regarding Judge Nicholas Garaufis’s cutting off of the cross-examination of the government’s sole cooperating witness, Lauren Salzman, during his trial. Lastly, actor Lukas Gage has claimed on the Jimmy Kimmel show that he started a group chat with former members of NXIVM, along with fellow “White Lotus” actor Molly Shannon.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in the Frank Report, written by guest writer Marie White.

By Marie White

William Anthony “Toni” Fly has landed in USP Terre Haute, Indiana, after his stint as Vanguard’s bunkmate. In addition, Maurice Adonis Withers, the sex trafficker who punched Raniere last summer, also ended up at USP Terre Haute.

According to Wikipedia, Terre Haute was “one of the first federal prisons to emphasize rehabilitation by providing psychological and psychiatric treatment, referring to prisoners by names as opposed to numbers, and allowing prisoners to talk during meals instead of eating in silence.”

However, the prison has been the target of civil rights lawsuits due to the inhumane treatment of prisoners in its secretive Communications Management Unit (CMU), which houses mainly suspected terrorists. For this reason, this unit has earned the nickname “Guantanamo North.”

Terre Haute is also home to the “Special Confinement Unit,” the federal death row for men, currently housing 44 men waiting for governmental execution.

Since 1963, all 16 men executed by the federal government have taken their last breath at Terre Haute.

Fly, 54, on the other hand, will breathe a sigh of relief come September 8, 2025, when he is due to be released.

Until then, it is unclear whether Fly will continue to be placed in segregation like he was at USP-Tucson or if he can roam the yard with the rest of the general population.

Fly is “intersex,” which the BOP defines as: “a person whose sexual or reproductive anatomy or chromosomal pattern does not seem to fit typical physiological definitions of male or female.”

BOP’s policies for assigning inmates who are intersex or transgender to either a male or female prison are that the BOP has sole discretion based on penological considerations.

The BOP recognized Fly as a man since Terre Haute is an exclusively male facility.

MK10 ART’s painting of Toni Fly and Keith Raniere

Necheles Jumps to Help Trump

Clare Bronfman with Susan Necheles

Susan Necheles, a Manhattan attorney who once walked through the revolving door of Bronfman attorneys, is now representing Donald Trump in what she calls a “political prosecution.”

The complaint is said to be based on $130,000 of alleged hush money received by adult film star Stormy Daniels after she allegedly had an affair with Trump.

Supreme Court Filing Scheduled For Consideration

Raniere’s attorneys, Mark Baker and Marc Agnifilo filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the Supreme Court last month.

The issue is Judge Nicholas Garaufis’s cutting off the cross-examination of the government’s sole cooperating witness, Lauren Salzman when she was about to unravel her plea agreement.

According to its website, the Supreme Court will distribute Raniere’s petition for the conference on April 14, 2023.

The government previously waived its right to file a response unless the Supreme Court took an interest and requested it to do so.

The Supreme Court hears only one percent of petitions. About 80 of some 8,000 petitions are heard.

If there is interest by the Supreme Court Justices, the Court will request the government respond to Raniere’s petition.

Four-out-of of nine justices must show interest in hearing a case for it to move forward.

If, in April, there is insufficient interest by the justices, the long road to appeal will be all but over for Raniere.

If the Court invites the government to respond, that may be a significant game changer for the former Vanguard of NXIVM.

The Court then may agree to hear the issue after October when the Court is back in session after its summer recess.

Until the Supreme Court makes its determination, which can come as soon as April by the Court’s inaction, Raniere’s Rule 33 motion alleging the FBI tampered with evidence in his trial is on hold in Judge Garaufis’ Court.

Actor Engages in Group Chats with Ex-NXIVM Members

Lukas Gage
Actor Lukas Gage on Jimmy Kimmel

Actor Lukas Gage claimed on the Jimmy Kimmel show that he is a fan of HBO’s “The Vow.”

He said he started a group chat with fellow “White Lotus” actor Molly Shannon and former members of NXIVM. He didn’t name names,

Lukas Gage: Um yeah, so we really shared a bond of that show, and I started a group chat with some of the former members of NXIVM, some of the former members of 90 Day Fiance, and Molly Shannon is in those group chats

Jimmy Kimmel: Hold on a second, yeah, how do you start a  text chain with members of a sex cult, like how do you even get in touch with them in the first place?

Lukas Gage: I said I’m doing a lot of research on this show called White Lotus. I have to get into character, there’s a lot of crazy situations that I’m in the show. No, no, I just, I just, I just bamboozled them again. I just say I’m a huge fan, and I really just think it’s so brave that they made the show and-

Jimmy Kimmel: And but then you gave them your telephone number?

Lukas Gage: Yeah, we have my phone number. We’re on texting chain, we talk all the time. They love you season four; they’re they’re my only fans.


The likelihood of current members of NXIVM engaged in a group chat with Gage is unlikely. He might mean some former members. But more likely he was joking. Though it is true:  NXIVM sex cult members have a great sense of humor.

Apropos of that, here is my latest painting of Keith Alan Raniere, the Vanguard in the SHU.

Marie White

Marie White

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