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Another Look at SoleTurn Before Concert Saturday Night

By Tony Farina

If you remember songs like Always Something to Remind Me and Crazy for You, you are sure to enjoy the music offerings, featuring something new and something old, from the rock band SoleTurn on Saturday night, March 23, at the famous Sportsmen’s Tavern, 326 Amherst St., Buffalo, starting at 8 p.m.

Front man Vik Bhargava of SoleTurn

This is my second piece on SoleTurn because their vibe has captured my song-loving, ever romantic nature in a special way and lead vocalist Vik Bhargava puts it straight and to the point, “It’s about the song, man.” And believe me, listening to him talk, you get the message. He and Zachary Michael can talk on and on about what they do and how they prepare their setlist, or in this case, a 30 song program, for a concert. It is done with heart and soul and they connect, believe me. I’m not a gullible young man but they sure reached me.

Bass player and vocalist, Zachary Michael

But for the purposes of revisiting SoleTurn and their music, I sat down again recently with Vik and Zachary (bass/vocals) and was moved again, even at this experienced point in my life having written about so many things, by their enthusiasm for their music and their desire not just to please their own taste but to offer songs that connect to the audience, hoping to give them an experience to remember long after attending the concert.

Using myself as an example, when I hear Percy Faith’s instrumental theme from the 1959 movie A Summer Place, it moves me back in time to that youthful period of my life and I am a young man again, listening to the song and connecting to a time and place I will never forget.  I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing a special connection to a song, and I believe SoleTurn has the ability to do just that.

“Everything old is new again, even with music,” says Vik as he excitedly connects with me on SoleTurn’s hearty vibe.  “When I talk about the song, I’m talking about how a good song is timeless, whether produced with overdriven electric guitars of the psychedelic rock era or the synthesizer 1980s, and there’s no way to escape its essence.  That’s exactly what SoleTurn is doing.  Representing the essence of the song in our own interpretation.”

I think those who attend Saturday’s show at Sportsmen’s will be moved by their music and will walk away thinking about the music, because that’s what SoleTurn does.

Remember, as Vik says, “It’s about the song, man.”  And their mission, as Zach puts it, is to create a night for everyone to remember.

SoleTurn in action

Dwayne Hall, the owner of the legendary Sportsmen’s Tavern, describes SoleTurn as very professional and says he is pretty excited about their appearance and performance at the club. “Very much looking forward to a full house, and people having a great time,” Hall says.

I think people who attend will walk away with a super night to remember.