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SoleTurn Eclipse Track Will Hit This Week

By Tony Farina

I had a wonderful viewing spot for the solar eclipse on Monday as rock band SoleTurn’s lead singer Vik Bhargava and bass player Zachary Michael hosted a small gathering at a private residence on the lake as they put together the final touches on a videography of the event which will be released later this week.

Photo by Paul VanRyzin

“And we got great shots of the eclipse,” said Vik, an incredibly creative and upbeat individual who pushes very hard to take SoleTurn to the promised land of local entertainment following their sold out concert at the legendary Sportsmen’s Tavern last month which has the group in high demand with many concerts coming up.

“It was a warm and wonderful eclipse party that folks on hand enjoyed along with the incredible eclipse itself,” said Vik.  I can vouch for the folks on hand as I very much enjoyed their company as we all took in the celestial event in the sky as a moon eclipsed the sun before our very eyes, glasses on of course.

Photo by Paul VanRyzin

The food was very good and Vik and Zachary did their thing on a little stage set up in front of the lake and we enjoyed their musical adventures as they recorded the eclipse videography which we will have linked later in the week.

Vik and Zachary spent time in the studio producing the song eclipse and Johnny Helms help put the finishing touches and mix and master the track in the Music Lab of NY Studios. SoleTurn works hard to deliver and we’ll have that track on this website later this week.

SoleTurn spares no effort in making their work appealing, whether reimagining old hits of the ‘80s and ‘90s or performing their own incredible work that we saw at Sportsmen’s concert that had the crowd buzzing and wanting more.

Photo by Paul VanRyzin

We’ll keep you posted on SoleTurn’s progress and upcoming events including (not finalized yet) one very special appearance that will thrill fans who are able to attend.  I promise you it will be worth the short trip to get to that special event and we’ll have more when it is finalized.

Stay tuned for SoleTurn.

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