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Tips for selecting the best sports betting apps for your needs

Opening thoughts

Sports betting apps are like any other app – we want to settle for one that we like most or find the easiest to use. Often, it’s a nice balance of the two. While many sports betting platforms will use advertising promotions to get you on board – especially if you’re a new customer – we’ll break down some of the other considerations people have before they settle for the sports betting app they will use.

While getting new customers on board is one of the most effective ways for sports betting apps to grow, ideally, they want you to stay using the service, too, so here are some of the considerations to weigh up.

Explore the markets they have

You can download sports betting apps and look at their interface without registering your details. Likewise, if you only want to see what markets are available, you can even look at their website without downloading the app, as this will usually mirror all the markets they have available. Although this is good for a general overview, if you’re after a more in-depth exploration, you will either need to sign up or check out what some of the reviews say.

The best sports betting apps will share typical variables that help them to stand out from the rest of the chasing pack. Exploring markets doesn’t mean browsing through a list for a few minutes; we’d recommend digging a little bit deeper, investigating options such as in-play and outright markets. By exploring the full breadth of available markets, you can ascertain whether or not the sports betting app you’re looking to use can offer something unique or something specific to the sport you enjoy.

Check out reviews and what other bettors have to say

Often, the best way to gauge what a service offers is to explore what others say about it. This doesn’t mean taking to X or Twitter, or whatever it’s called these days, and having a look at one or two disgruntled bettors is the way forward, either. If you seek out detailed reviews, seeing what sort of comments and patterns appear will usually fill in the blanks about certain providers, and we would say that is the most accurate way to determine which providers have more substance to them.

Some gamblers recommend YouTube vloggers, but we’ve found that they can be prone to bias and passing off paid advertising as subjective reviews. The same can apply to manually written reviews, but often, if you explore enough of them, you’ll be able to get a pretty accurate picture of what their platform offers.

Usability, interface and ease of access

You’d do pretty well to find a sports betting app that is difficult to use in the 2024 market. As one of the fastest-growing, multibillion-dollar digital industries, sports betting platforms do not want to make a habit of putting together subpar apps and driving bettors into the arms of their competitors. Ease of access, a slick interface and general usability all work together and should be the foundation of any decent sporting app.

All of these elements fall under personal preference. For example, you might use DraftKings sportsbook to place your NFL bets because they offer a dual fantasy football service. This ease of access means you can kill two birds with one stone, and get your bets and fantasy football done without leaving the same app.

The bet365 app is often regarded as the gold standard of sports betting apps, with an interface and slick usability that set the benchmark for many prominent sports betting apps to follow. Bet365 offers many in-play services and has engineered some of the most significant changes in sports betting apps – most notably, the two goals ahead cashout for soccer bets, and partial cashout.

You also want to ensure you can use the betting app on your phone and other mobile devices, such as an iPad or a tablet – but again, the vast majority of betting apps now offer this. William Hill, bet365 and DraftKings all offer facilities where you can check out the latest news and use the information to build your next wager.

Quality of customer service

Ideally, a betting app should be of a good enough quality that you never have to raise any issues with the customer service department. However, all of the top names in the business usually have multiple customer service routes, whether you’re looking to speak to them via email, phone, live chat or social media channels.

You can often determine the quality of a sports betting app’s customer service by their reviews, too. While there will always be one or two negative reviews, such is part and parcel of operating a prominent sports betting platform or mobile app, and you will usually be able to determine its quality by checking out half a dozen or so reviews that actually mention it. Better yet, you can check it out yourself by firing off a question or two on social media, or by signing up for their service and sending an email or live chat message.

Good customer service might not be the first aspect that springs to mind. However, it helps to paint a bigger picture about the ethos and quality of a sports betting app’s overall company culture. It underpins the fact that the platform has a strong drive to put its customers first. If something goes wrong while you’re using a sports betting app, you want to be able to speak to somebody quickly, who can resolve it with minimal fuss.

Final thoughts

As you can see, several factors can help you ascertain which sports betting app is best for you. While the leading apps like DraftKings, bet365 and William Hill continue to attract the bulk of new US sports bettors, an app’s aesthetics, good customer service and range of markets all play a considerable role in helping you decide which app is best for you.

We’d say taking the time to browse through the quality of the promotions and bonuses and what other customers have to say via reviews is probably the best place to begin. However, we all have our own personal preferences, and given that the industry has now become so vast, with so many options available, it can be the smaller things that ultimately help us make our decision.

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