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The Drinking Issue

Where Are the Beers of Yesteryear?

by Buck Quigley

Buffalo got an unexpected boost in 2007 when Labatt USA moved its headquarters to Key Bank Tower. Although city officials didn’t know of the move until it was announced, Mayor Byron Brown was there at the grand opening. He took the opportunity to step behind the bar to pose for the cameras and say a few words.

The Drinking Issue

Three Guys Walk Into a Bar... Nor-Tel Grill

by Donny Kutzbach

When I revealed to Artvoice’s editor Geoff Kelly—himself something of a local watering hole goliath—that the next Three Guys column was going to be at the Nor-Tel Grill, he seemed genuinely excited.

The Drinking Issue

The Stories Behind Three Famous Local Watering Holes

by Ann Marie Awad

Opened in 1920, the Elmwood Lounge had already been a fixture at Elmwood and Bryant when John Gikas bought the place in 1969. “I come here for a drink one night, it was a Sunday night and I talked to the owner, he said to me, ‘I’m selling this place. Give me five hundred dollars [deposit] and I’ll sell you this place,’” says Gikas, who also owns The King’s Court restaurant.

The Drinking Issue

Shaken Not Stirred

by Jennifer Mogensen

It’s sleek and sexy. It shimmers and glistens in its precariously perched glass. Its clear liquid kisses the rim. Unabated, unforgiving, and dangerous, it dares you to slowly take it in. The feel in your mouth, as you savor it for a moment before you swallow, is a moment of ecstasy.

The Drinking Issue

Steaking Our Reputation

by Jim Koenig

Buffalo’s bar food landscape (and often our city as a whole) has long been dominated by the national attention that the “Buffalo wing” receives. The lack of recognition for the literally hundreds of great establishments that pair libations with other forms of quality grub easily becomes frustrating for the proprietors and patrons alike.

The Drinking Issue

How To Boil Water

by Joe George

Well it’s that time of year again…a time to watch the parade and enjoy all its revelries, and also an opportunity to eat corned beef-and-cabbage. It’s a simple recipe to prepare and one that tastes delicious with beer. But before I discuss a recipe for corned beef, I have to mention what it is and how it’s cooked.

The Drinking Issue

Who Will Sing Us a Drinking Song?

by Eric Kendall

Drinks abound! As long as there has been alcohol, there has been music. (If you find yourself drinking alone in silence then I would recommend going to one of those special meetings I’ve heard so much about.) With St. Patty’s Day on the horizon, I offer you this boozy playlist to set the mood as you stumble along your merry way.

News Analysis

Run, Mike, Run!

by Bruce Fisher

From 2000 to 2008, the number of public school students in New York outside of New York City dropped by almost 50,000, but local school taxes and state aid alike both rose billions in order to fund Upstate, suburban and rural public schools.

Week in Review

Seven Days: The Straight Dope From the Week That Was

by Geoff Kelly

Scorecard: The Weeks Winners & Losers

by Zachary Burns

Guest Essay

Put The Shamrock in American Diplomacy

by J. Edward Cuddy

When Michael Collins, Ireland’s revolutionary hero, arrived at Dublin Castle to sign the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1921, a British officer chided him: “You’re seven minutes late, Mr.Collins.”

Art Feature

Song of the Living

by Jack Foran

Everything shimmers in the work of artist Charles Burchfield. Everything vibrates. Everything pulses with life forces.

Classical Music

Pictures at an Exhibition: Revealed

by Jan Jezioro

On Wednesday March 17, at 7:30pm, Robert Silverman, dean of Canadian touring classical pianists, whose career spans more than five decades, presents a lecture/performance titled “Politics, Culture, the Nature of Genius and the Case of the Missing Oxcart.”

Theater Week

Torn Space's Some Explicit Polaroids, and The Beebo Brinker Chronicles at BUA

by Anthony Chase

The Torn Space production of Mark Ravenhill’s Some Explicit Polaroids is very solid and reveals the script to be far more solid than any account I have read lead me to expect. This is a disturbing yet sublime theatrical experience—powerful, unsettling, and thought-provoking.

Theater News


by Javier

Movie and theater star Alfred Molina (pictured) will be returning to Broadway this spring starring in Red, John Logan’s play about abstract-expressionist painter Mark Rothko.

Film Reviews

Green Zone

by George Sax

Alice in Wonderland

by George Sax


by M. Faust

She's Out of My League

by M. Faust

Our Family Wedding

by M. Faust


On The Boards Theater Listings

Movie Times (Friday, March 12 - Thursday, March 18)

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See You There!

Artvoice's weekly round-up of events to watch out for the week, including our editor's pick: The Old Neighborhood Parade in The Old First Ward, at noon on Saturday the 13th.

5 Questions With...

Jeremy & Christina Horwitz: Food Critics

The Week in Review recently spoke with the East Amherst husband and wife duo and the culinary critics behind the restaurant review website Buffalo Chow ( about the local food scene.

Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

A February St. Petersburg Times report found several local people who regularly cook gourmet meals for their dogs and who revealed their dogs’ (or maybe just “their”) favorite recipes.

Literary Buffalo

Drinking With George: A Barstool Professional's Guide to Beer

by Jim Corbran

Lit Event: When in Rome...

Poetry: Gun Crazy (Part Thirteen)

by Jason Gusman

Letters to Artvoice

Bury This Big Mistake

by Joyce H. Bol

Community Development Agreement For Canal Side Project Makes Sense

by Andy Reynolds


Listings and Resources

Buffalo has a large and diverse gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. For further information about its numerous organizations and activities, visit Gaywatch at, call the Western New York Pride Center (852-7743), or email


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): I used to have an acupuncturist who, as she poked me with needles, liked to talk about her understanding of Chinese medicine.


Ask Anyone

My boyfriend comes from a long line of hard drinking Irishmen (women, not so much). He’s a good-natured drunk even when he’s downing whiskey and for the most part I take him as he is, no problem. Not like his drinking was any surprise. BUT...