Suggestion for Rawr integration

The feature is quite simple Read config from Clipboard.

This would basically read the clipboard contents and apply it to the currently loaded gui config. This would mean that both Rawr ShockAndAwe exports would be a whole lot simpler copy to clipboard in ShockAndAwe or Rawr and click a button in EnhSimGui to import config.

I’d happily modify the exports so that for instance there was a tagline identifier on the first line so you could test the validity of what was in the clipboard from the outset.

moncler jacket The idea is that you could have Rawr EnhSim side by side play around with gear in Rawr click export in Rawr, click import in EnhSimGui click Run Simulation. Very simple very quick and would allow much faster turn around trying out things in the sim.

The reasons are quite simple. Rawr has no permissions (and NEVER should) to write files to the EnhSim directory on your machine.

Implementing that strategy would mean needing to cope with different OS setups eg: Vista blocking access to another exe by default, problems with folder permissions having to specify command line startups etc etc etc. All exceptionally messy and WELL outside the scope of what Rawr is designed to do. It would also violate the agreement I have with the Rawr co ordinator, as adding a large amount of non Rawr specific file handling is just not the design goal of Rawr.

Instead we have Tukez able to maintain EnhSim and EnhSimGUI and have the two as a standalone setup. ie: your suggestion would FORCE users to use Rawr if they didn’t want to manually edit the text file. It would also mean that Tukez would need to wait for me to update the Rawr model to cope with any changes to the EnhSim model. Keeping the two separate means that EnhSimGUI is a useful tool in of its own and as such EnhSim/EnhSimGUI stands on its own as a perfectly workable setup.

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