49ers announce 2015 practice squad

49ers announce 2015 practice squad

Seb appears to be a Raider Fan as on 9/5 he proposed that we trade away a good players to the Raiders posted at 12:53 pm on Grant article: Acquire C Easton

Other viewpoints expressed by Seb on this site throughout the months also have us getting rid of good players

He is joined on this site by his Raider Comrades: CK:Elite and Join us at Raiders Eatery (AKA: Razoreater), all expressing similar viewpoints, and always agreeing with each others commentary.

This latest post by Seb is only a ruse THERE MAY BE OTHERS.

Wilson, read that articleI I posted for Cubus , it very informative.

Our O Line will be a little rusty but coach cable thinks it will be as good as the 2013 group.

If you got eyes you know what a great special teamer Tyler Lockette is shaping up to be; punt returns/TD and a 63 yd TD in Raider game. We have 5 WRs and 3 TEs.

Our D Line core is all here and healthy. Frank Clark is outperforming all expections. We be as good or better than last year.

Secondary: Kam is still out I can imagine he miss out on paychecks. I losing patience. Anyway we have Dion Bailey and have signed Kelcie McCray from Kansas City.

Earl Thomas missed Training Camp OTAs so we see if he comes out flying around the field.

Cary Williams CB. He plays across from Sherman. Got a bad rap from Eagles but Kris Richard the DC and formally the cornerback coach thinks Cary is great. Everything is based on Technique and Finishing and is Cary there I not sure.

I predict we win the division.cheap nfl jerseys

Mary, I don think any fan base really sees when their team is about to take a dive out of contention. The Hawks have lost a lot in the secondary. Sherman can do it all by himself. Chancellor is a huge part of that teams success as is Thomas. The Hawks win a lot of close games, lose a player or two like those guys and all of sudden you go from 10 6 to 8 8. I see the hope in new receivers and weapons, but there still the questions surrounding the O Line and Russell accuracy. We seen it all before here. Marshawn is getting older. Your window isn open forever. I could actually see the Hawks going 9 7 or 8 8 this year without Thomas and Chancellor.

Now that the roster is basically set. I hope Tomsula can start game planning. I would recommend studying SB XXIV, a 55 10 blowout against the Broncos. Walsh had a player go in motion, and attacked the Denver defense by creating mismatches. they would flood a zone, Joe would just choose the open man, and they marched down the field. Putting a man in motion can pinch in the DE so Kaep can roll out, overload the weak side, and avoid the jam at the LOS. It could also be used to run reverses and flea flickers.

Studying a 20 year old offense that defenses have adjusted to isn really what we need. Trick plays are not the answer either. We need an offense that moves the ball regulary, isn predictable (something we haven seen for a while), can lean either the run or pass game, adjusts its game plan to beat defenses weaknesses (something else we haven seen for a while), and can impose its will on the game like the teams of old could. Could be a problem with out personnel and o line.

What is it you think the coaches do? They just show up on Sunday and draw plays in the dirt? They spend every day working on getting better. Someday you should pay attention to how much these coaches study, review film, research and evaluate.

Someone already said it. Walsh would probably do different things with Kap. Different era, players, skill sets and defenses. I guess to put it this way did Walsh go backwards and watch old 49ers teams to help him win? No he understood the game as it was and developed something new to beat the defenses of the time. He may have incorporated elements of historical things but it was a new development according to the QB he had in place. I don think Kap is a WCO kinda guy. He plays better out of the spread and read option.

I don know that the team has really displayed their playbook much in preseason so we have to get in 3 4 games to see if they created an offense that works with Kap or not.

Those who dwell in the past devour the future. I do not want them to dwell in the past. I want Kaep to change the concept of the position and shock the world. I want the Niner offense to be unstoppable, and a hydra headed monster of weapons that can take a bite out of the defense. I want them to score at leas 7 times per game.

I want them to learn from past history to avoid the pitfalls in the future. I want them to utilize all their skills to their maximum potential. They need to seize the day. They must GO FOR IT.

Honestly I think Bill Walsh would have come up with something very different if he had CK as his QB. Check downs from the pocket worked great with Joe not so with the Kap. I don even see sense in pinching in the DE since this is supposed to be a run first offense.

As a run first offense you want to stretch the opposing defense to all corners of the foot ball universe. Two seasons ago I though a flex diamond formation was the best fit for this particular QB and the RBs at the time.

If the O line tanks this year then the diamond might make sense again. It offers both extra blocking support and stretching out the box to help the inside running. The running game can then set up the passing game to match their current philosophy. Geep is apparently a big proponent of RB / FB receiving and a diamond formation facilitates that as well.

Would the West Coast Wizard have gone there I don know but then he did not have a CK as QB.

Or Walsh would realize that a QB who can read defenses, doesn have patience in the pocket, and can make any of the throws besides throwing a fastball would have no place in his west coast offense. He would realize that after the read option was figured out by the other coaches and Kaep bad footwork and wonky delivery and unpredictable play a liability, he would cut him and start Blaine Gabbert.

Walsh would have done the same to Alex Smith after year 2 or 3, when he showed no development, but would have kept Alex year 6, did was Andy Reid has done.