Something is rotten in the State of Denmark, and Hoyt Lake


The Clean Up of Hoyt Lake Endangered By Politics – Part Duex

Yesterday, in a previous article, “The Clean Up of Hoyt Lake Endangered By Politics,” I incorrectly reported that former State Senator Al Coppola’s opponent was in violation of the Hatch Act. I was wrong, so I’m correcting it today. Amber Small can legally head a 501c3 while engaging in politics. I was given faulty information by an honest democrat lawyer.  The lawyer wasn’t engaged in trickery, he was just wrong. Two other honest attorney’s, Peter Reece and Alan Bedenko, also wrote that Small could do both, so that’s good enough for me. It is the reason why I’m writing “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” and in Hoyt Lake!

Presently, Democratic Party over reach is trying to control the Green Party.  The Dems are attempting to stop environmentalist James DePasquale from running on the Green line in the 60th State Senate District. At the behest of the Small campaign, 7 Green party members held a Green Party Ideological Purity Tribunal. A mock trial with a pre-determined verdict was held in the office of attorney Frank Housh. Previously, Housh tried to stop DePasquale from campaigning in a hearing at the Board of Elections and NYS Supreme Court. Housh was paid $1,000.00 by Small on August 9, 2016.  The person who made a claim for a tribunal against DePasquale, is Amanda Huber, a resident of the 59th District, not the 60th. Amanda Huber was paid $750.00 by Small on August 15, 2016.  Small has received donations and assistance from some of Byron Brown’s and Steve Pigeon’s closest associates. Small previously worked Mayor Brown and Byron Brown argumentatively is among the top mayors in Buffalo’s history.

Color me green fusion, but I thought Ideological Purity Tribunals went out of style when the Nazi’s surrendered in 1945. What is astounding is I happen to know at least 3 of the 7 Tribunal members and 2 of them are honest men. Eric Jones, a member who sat in judgment, is one of the most honest people I know. That is what’s so confusing. Jones told DePasquale’s attorney that they misplaced the envelope from Huber’s letter and Jones’ word was taken at face value by opposing counsel and everyone else. If Jones said the envelope was missing, it was missing, end of story.

I also know DePasquale well, he’s a new comer to WNY’s world of rough and tumble politics. He is an environmentalist, not known for politics. He decided to campaign from the Green Party line when no one else did. Basically he’s a one issue candidate who hopes to clean Hoyt Lake. According to DePasquale, “ he is the only candidate who can win this year without being elected if he is able to focus the other candidates attention on the environmental disaster Hoyt Lake has become over the last thirty five years. State senator after state senator as well as mayor after mayor have promised to clean Hoyt Lake and then each forget their promises once elected.” DePasquale was shocked that the Small campaign was willing to throw so many first stones without any facts.

Small’s  opponent in the democratic primary is former State Senator Al Coppola. Coppola was re-elected nine times to the City of Buffalo’s Common Council, serving 18 years before becoming State Senator in the year 2000.  Cappola narrowly lost the democratic primary of 2014 by one percentage point.  Coppola, a well known environmentalist filed no objections to fellow environmentalist DePasquale, nor any other candidate. Coppola believes that voters should have more choices, not less. The Bernie Sanders supporters petitioned for Al Coppola and continue to campaign for him. Bernie Sanders won the 60th district with overwhelming numbers.

Next Week: The NYS Supreme Court Hearings – The Fourth Bite of the Apple…