Artvoice Voted Best Music Website/Publication in All Western York

The voters have spoken.

The popular online news website, All Western New York News (, edited by distinguished music editor, Scott Leffler, announced the winners of its annual music awards last week and Artvoice emerged as the winner in the category of “Best Music Website/Publication” for 2016.

Among a plethora of categories of music, ranging from best band to best fan, voters were asked to vote for their favorites.

Artvoice was chosen as the number one favorite of music fans for presenting information about their favorite acts and musical trends.

Artvoice wins the prestigious All WNY Award for “Best Music Website/Publication for 2016.

The popular and dynamic Buffalo FM ( which covers the music of today’s FM radio, ranked second and NYS Music, ( the New York-based online magazine dedicated to the music and entertainment industry, ranked third.

Artvoice, now in its 25th year of publication, has long been the leader in breaking stories about new musical acts and has given recognition and support to thousands of performers in the region.

Artvoice’s popular calendar is a local institution which lists any and every live performance by a musical act in Western New York.  Acts are encouraged, as they always have, to submit information about their upcoming events to for inclusion in both the print and online editions.

All Western New York, with its distinct logo of a Buffalo wearing headphones, announced its 2016 Winners:

Best Lyrics in a Song
1) Gone by High Horse
2) Underlyer by Aqueous
3) Sins of the Father by Seven Faces
Best Composition of a Song
1) Underlyer by Aqueous
2) The Flood by Seven Faces
3) Without You by LumberJackMatt
Best Rendition of a Cover Song
1) Jump (Van Halen) by Nerds Gone Wild in WNY
2) I Want You So Bad by Aqueous
3) Whipping Post by High Horse
Best New Band/Artist
1) Nerds Gone Wild in WNY
2) Annasun
3) The Knight Crew
Best Rock Band
1) Aqueous
2) Nerds Gone Wild in WNY
3) High Horse
Best Punk Band
1) One Way Terror
2) Crucial Taunt
3) Murder City Outlaws
Best Metal Band
1) 1980-something
2) That 80s Hair Band
3) Seven Faces
Best Post-Hardcore/Metalcore Band
1) I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help
2) Contempt Creates A Killer
3) Diceros
Best Hardcore/Death Metal Band
1) Darkapathy
2) Nobody Lives Forever
3) Circus GrenadeBest Jam/Groove Band
1) Whiskey Reverb
2) Aqueous
3) High Horse

Best Indie/Alternative Band
1) PA Line
2) The Morning After Pills
3) Annasun

Best Pop-Punk/Pop-Rock Band
1) Boogie Monsters
2) Dyslexic Dog
3) Sudden Urge

Best Contemporary Pop Band
1) Boogie Monsters
2) Dyslexic Dog
3) Bruce Wojick and the Struggle

Best Electronic Band/Act
1) Space Junk
2) Digital Afterlife
3) Optic Oppression

Best Hip-Hop/Rap Performer/Group
1) Fusion
2) Keith Meo Rahaim
3) LumberJackMatt

Best DJ
1) Tom of Tom Tom Productions
2) DJ Heat
3) Mike Setlock

Best Country Band/Act
1) 90 West
2) West of the Mark
3) Eric Van Houten

Best Folk Band/Act
1) PA Line
2) Johnny Rider Band
3) Porcelain Train

Best Acoustic Band/Act
1) Busted Stuff
2) Big Sauce Trio
3) Jimmy Munt and Friends

Best Jazz Band/Act
1) Chloroform
2) Ralph Fava Band
3) Adam Bronstiens Freehand

Best Blues Band/Act
1) Junk Yard Dogs
2) Diggin’ Roots Band
3) Freightrain

Best Instrumental Band
1) JJ Swing
2) Big Sauce Trio
3) Chloroform

Best Classic Rock Cover Band
1) 1980 Something
2) High Horse
3) Hit N Run

Best 90s/Modern Cover Band
1) Nerds Gone Wild in WNY
2) Stalking Jenna
3) Boogie Monsters

Best Tribute Act
1) Strictly HIp
2) Kiss This
3) Metal Militia

Most Original Act
1) Nerds Gone Wild in WNY
2) Aqueous
3) Super Killer Robots

Best Live Show (Stage Presence)
1) Nerds Gone Wild in WNY
2) Aqueous
3) Hit N Run

Best/Most Passionate Fans
1) Nerds Gone Wild in WNY
2) Aqueous
3) Hit N Run

Saddest to See Go
1) Whiskey Reverb
2) Route 66
3) Ted Reinhardt

EP of the Year
1) Mike Zogaria – Self Titled EP
2) Eric Van Houten / 25 Miles
3) Fusion/ The 27th EP

Album of the Year
1) Funktional Flow / Time Will Tell
2) Seven Faces / Above the Below
3) Jimmy Munt & Friends

Best Composer
1) Bruce Wojick
2) Jimmy Munt
3) Willie Nile

Best Solo Act/Project
1) Jamie Holka
2) Chuck DeRose
3) Willie Nile

Best Guitarist
1) Jamie Holka
2) Mike Gantzer
3) Chuck DeRose

Best Guitar Duo
1) Jamie Holka & Bruce Wojick
2) Chuck DeRose & Ron LoCurto
3) Ken & Bob Wilczak (Fatbrat)

Best Rhythm Section (Bass & Drums)
1) Sandy Belski & Eli Porter (High Horse)
2) David Green and Steve Edmonds (Boys of Summer)
3) Robert “Freightrain” Parker and Damone Jackson (Freightrain)

Best Bassist
1) Shane Davis (Nerds Gone Wild)
2) Evan McPhaden (Aqueous)
3) Jim Wynne

Best Drummer/Percussionist
1) Eddy Tabone
2) Damone Jackson
3) Sandy Belski

Best Lyricist
1) Phil Porto (Nerds Gone Wild)
2) Trevor Stribing (PA Line)
3) Gus Gregory (High Horse)

Best Original Male Pop/Indie Vocalist
1) Mike Zogaria
2) Rich Fountain (Steelhorse)
3) Robert “Freightrain” Parker

Best Original Male Rock/Metal Vocalist
1) Ed Schubauer
2) Keith Zogaria (Stealin’)
3) Scott Hubbell

Best Original Female Vocalist (Any Genre)
1) Whitney (Diggin’ Roots)
2) Debbie Knight (The Knight Crew)
3) Alison Janet (Fatbrat)

Best Cover Vocalist (Any Genre)
1) Phil Porto (Nerds Gone Wild)
2) Ed Schubauer (1980 Something)
3) Jen Dix (Dyslexic Dog)

Best Keyboard/Synth Player
1) David “Vid” Cuddihy (Nerds Gone Wild in WNY)
2) Dave Loss (Aqueous)
3) Don Lorentz (Boys of Summer)

Best Instrumentalist
1) Cynthia McCaffrey (Busted Stuff)
2) George Puleo
3) Bob Wilczak (Fatbrat)

Best Venue
1) Buffalo Ironworks
2) Sportsmen’s Tavern
3) Mohawk Place

Best Open Mic
1) Nietzsche’s
2) Wagon Wheel
3) Waiting Room

Best Music Festival
1) Music is Art
2) Buffalove
3) Rock-n-Roll Camp

Best Promotion/Booking Company
1) Backstage Productions
2) After Dark
3) For the Music Productions

Best Promoter
1) Dave Buffamonti
2) Greg Burt
3) Jimmy Munt

Best Record Store
1) Record Theatre
2) Revolver Records
3) Spiral Scratch

Best Record Label
1) No Ceilings Entertainment
2) Righteous Babe Records
3) RUT

Best Studio/Recording Mixer
1) Sonic Farm Studio
2) Watchmen Studios
3) Dave St Onge / DMS Productions

Best Sound Guy/Business
1) Scotty Nichols
2) Joe Tall
3) Neil Brodfuhrer (Waiting Room / Mohawk Place)

Best Recording Studio
1) Sonic Farm
2) Watchmen Studios
3) The Music Lab

Best Music/Equipment Shop
1) Guitar Factor
2) Guitar Center
3) Buffalo Drum Outlet

Best Place To Get Swag (Band Merch, T-Shirt Printing, Etc.)
1) Tour City
2) Go Stick Art
3) Chris Santoro / Retro Outlaw

Best Music Website/Publication
1) Artvoice
3) NYS Music

Best Concert/Press Photographer
1) Carl Cederman
2) Meredith Snow
3) CK Photographic Systems

Best Local Radio Podcast/Show
1) Shredd & Ragan
2) Slick Tom (97 Rock)
3) ThinkSoJoe Show

Most Dedicated Fan
1) Jen Snooters (Nerds Gone Wild in WNY)
2) Jeannine Bower /High Horse

     3) Jimmy Munt

Non-music awards

Best Burger – The Silo
Best Tourist Attraction – Lockport’s Flight of Five
Best Coffee Shop – Orange Cat Coffee Co.
Best Barber – CJ Andrews
Best Outdoor Patio – Water Street Landing
Best Ice Cream Parlor – Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream
Best Beer Selection – World of Beer
Best Chicken Wings – Bar Bill Tavern


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