Raniere says famous forensic psychiatrist evaluated sorority; Park Dietz says he was not hired to evaluate sorority

Dr. Park Dietz


By Frank Parlato;

Since about 2010, India Oxenberg has been a member of  NXIVM. For a time, she commuted from LA to NXIVM headquarters in Albany, NY to attend their endless curriculum of expensive classes.

Then, in September 2016, she moved to Albany, NY to become a full time worker for NXIVM and take more classes.  Despite working full time for the company, India still blew through her inheritance of more than $120,000 and went into debt to NXIVM by more than $100,000.

She also joined DOS, the secretive sorority that revolves around “master-slave” relationships, in which women face punishments, including physical ones, for not following a master’s order. Her master is Allison Mack, whose master is Keith Raniere.

Dr. Danielle Roberts used a surgical device to brand India with a symbol containing Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials on her groin. India provided blackmail-worthy material, such as naked photographs. Like the other women of DOS, India was told that the compromising information she provided would be publicly released if she disclosed its existence or did not do what she was told.

Raniere, whose followers are instructed to refer to him as “Vanguard,” urges his slave women to follow near-starvation diets of 500 to 800 calories a day to achieve the body shape he finds appealing. Some women who followed that diet have stopped menstruating and lost hair.

In spring 2017, India called her mother, Catherine Oxenberg, to say she was concerned because she had been losing large amounts of hair, and had not had a period in a year. In May, a doctor who examined India, then 25, told her that the severe diet she was following had jeopardized her ability to have children.

In June, Frank Report broke the news about DOS and its practice of branding women on the groin with Raniere’s initials. This made hundreds of NXIVM members aware for the first time of what DOS was all about – and many of them immediately quit NXIVM. Four months later, the New York Times reported the news which catapulted the branding cult into worldwide notoriety. Media scrutiny has been relentless ever since.

Vanguard is always ready to play Volleyball. He claims he knows nothing about branding or anything like it…

Raniere left Albany to stay with a loyal follower in Monterrey, Mexico about the time that the Justice Department started a criminal investigation into him and his plethora of companies. Raniere had never been known to have visited Mexico before now.

Nxivm’s leaders posted statements on the website of Executive Success Programs, contending the secret sorority was not connected to NXIVM – and that Raniere was unaware of its practices.

In a letter posted on the Executive Success Programs website Keith Raniere writes, “[I]t is important to clarify the sorority is not part of NXIVM and that I am not associated with the group.”

But a text message sent much earlier by Mr. Raniere to one of the DOS slaves indicates he was aware that women were being branded with a symbol that contained his initials.

“Not initially intended as my initials but they rearranged it slightly for tribute,”
he wrote in that message. “(if it were abraham lincolns or bill gates initials no one
would care.)”

Another DOS slave saw Raniere was checking in via text when women were being branded, asking how they were doing.

NXIVM stated it has conducted an independent investigation of the sorority and determined the women in it are healthy and happy.

”Our experts, a forensic psychiatrist of international repute, psychologists and
ex-law enforcement say members of the sorority are thriving, healthy, happy, better
off and haven’t been coerced,” Raniere said in a statement.

The group did not name the experts.

Catherine Oxenberg said Dr. Park Dietz, a forensic psychiatrist of international repute, contacted her and said NXIVM hired him to evaluate India.

Dr. Dietz told the New York Times he has examined only one female participant in NXIVM, though he declined, citing issues of patient confidentiality, to confirm that it was India Oxenberg.

He said his initial examination of the woman [presumably India] had not found evidence of “brainwashing” and that she appeared “happy,” though troubled by what she described as false media reports about the group.

Dr. Dietz said NXIVM had not hired him to examine matters related to the
secret sorority [DOS], stating it was his understanding that the group “…is not a Nxivm entity but rather a private sorority of women.”

But Keith Raniere said: ”a forensic psychiatrist of international repute …. say[s] members of the sorority are thriving, healthy, happy, better off and haven’t been coerced.”

Is Dr. Park E. Dietz the “forensic psychiatrist of international repute” referred to by Raniere?

But how could he be, when he is not evaluating the sorority because the group “…is not a Nxivm entity but rather a private sorority of women.”?

Even if her were evaluating the sorority, Dietz says he is only evaluating one woman. How could he make any conclusion about the well being of the members of a sorority being “…thriving, healthy, happy, better off, and not coerced” unless he evaluated all the present and  former members, some who have claimed they were coerced.

It seems that Dr. Dietz must not be the forensic psychiatrist of international repute, Raniere referred to in his letter.

There must be another famous forensic psychiatrist. Either that or Raniere is lying.


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  • Park Dietz is well-known as a profiler and offers analysis regarding the criminal mind. He is not known nor has he been qualified, accepted and testified in court as an expert witness concerning the dynamics of destructive authoritarian groups or the undue influence of such groups to my knowledge. This is not Dietz’s established area of expertise. Dietz is known for profiling psychopaths such as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Dietz has frequently worked as an expert witness for the prosecution in criminal cases. Concerning NXIVM Dietz would be a viable expert to evaluate Keith Raniere and testify as an expert regarding whether or not Raniere fit the profile of a criminal psychopath. But Dietz’s speculation about “brainwashing” is not particularly compelling given his work history.

  • As with the majority of Cult leaders – and that’s all Raniere is – Keith is also more homosexual than he is heterosexual and while that doesn’t always mean that one hates and wants to degrade women, this trait is often found in pathological males with mommy issues. If Raniere even liked women, which he does not, he wouldn’t put them on starvation diet, brand them with his initials, abuse them mentally and torture them physically. Sex with women for him is an act of hatred and violence, also rape since these women are far too beaten down and debilitated in every aspect to even begin to give consent to sex with him. He’s a disgusting, homophobic brute who obviously blames women for his attraction to men and daily takes this out on all women of all ages who are unfortunate enough to know him or be around him.

  • The reality is the public knows very little of what transpired between Dr. Dietz, hired by NXIVM’s lawyer, Robert Crockett, and how the interview process was set up and transpired.

    What was the doctor told by the representative of NXIVM? How was India prepped by the organization for the interview by the doctor? How long did the interview take place? How did he come to his determination that she was not brainwashed or was that what he was even hired to look for? Did the doctor even know it was NXIVM that she was a part of? We all know they are masters of manipulation and going through their lawyer makes it even more removed.

    NXIVM is not your typical brainwashing organization either. Some people can carry on intelligent conversations for a period of time. It’s not your New Age Hell Bob is gonna get ya kind of thing.

    It’s overall the life decisions; like breaking the law by not paying one’s taxes, carrying cash over the Border, cutting your family off, giving up your career and working for $15.00 an hour at a dead end job while doing intensive after intensive free to staff them so a head trainer and NXIVM can stuff their pockets with profits. DOS branding, a 500 calorie diet, while losing your hair and maybe not being able to have children someday just because your Master tells you to. Sleep with only The Vanguard when he’s twice your age and has a stable of other women.

    These are the kinds of things that don’t get shared with a hired doctor checking out how stable someone is, do they? Makes one wonder how much homework the fine doctor did or if he was given the real name of the company involved so he could do his research first?

    NXIVM doesn’t tell it’s secrets openly. It’s said because the average person is not evolved enough to understand their sex, their ethics, their morality. Yes, we know that’s correct. The truth is, it’s because this is what cults do and most people outside this cult find their behavior immoral, unethical and some of it just criminal.