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Catherine Oxenberg’s daughter, India, identified as ‘Criminal Co-Conspirator’ in sex-slaver NXIVM cult

It’s a mother’s worst nightmare.

India Oxenberg, daughter of Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg, has been revealed as a co-conspirator in a criminal complaint against cult leader Keith Raniere.  Raniere was arrested March 25 in Mexico and deported to the USA where he now faces charges of sex trafficking.

Sex cult leader Keith Raniere is now in federal custody being held without bail on sex trafficking charges.

Raniere, leader of the notorious NXIVM cult, is to be arraigned on Friday at 2 pm in federal court in Brooklyn. A shocking revelation found in the criminal complaint against Raniere is that India Oxenberg, 27, is a co-conspirator with Raniere’s in his sex trafficking master-slave group. In the criminal complaint, India is referred to as ‘co-conspirator #2.’ and is revealed she is a ‘slave’ of former Smallville actress, Allison Mack, referred to as ‘co-conspirator #1.’

Allison Mack burst into tears following some trivial comment by Keith Raniere [l]
Mack may be arrested Friday.

The inclusion of India Oxenberg as co-conspirator is shocking and sad. India’s mother, Catherine Oxenberg, started a crusade to rescue her daughter from NXIVM last year and brought worldwide attention to the vicious sex-slaver cult.  Now her daughter may be charged with human trafficking. Many, including Catherine, believe India is brainwashed.

What make it more ironic is that, had it not been for Catherine, many additional women would have likely entered the sex cult, been blackmailed and branded. But for Catherine’s efforts to shine a light on the cult, authorities may not have acted to stop Raniere and Mack until 100s of other women had been enslaved. Now imagine a mother’s horror: Heroic Catherine went public to make a stand against Raniere.  She faced threats, efforts at intimidation and retaliation. Catherine shared her fears for her daughter with the world: Her daughter was brainwashed, blackmailed and branded – and she was trying get her to leave the cult. The world took note. Through the New York Times to People Magazine to 20/20 to the Today Show and literally hundreds of other media  – millions of people learned about her daughter’s plight and felt sympathy for this desperate mom trying to save her daughter from a deeply sinister cult.

Although she could not rescue her daughter, it was through her efforts that 100s of women fled the cult. Thanks to her, law enforcement took notice and brought charges against Raniere. The cult has been virtually shut down.

Prior to joining the sex cult, India Oxenberg was a model and actress with a bright future.

The reason Catherine went on her campaign was to save her daughter; she saved others but her daughter stubbornly remains. Worse – India is facing criminal charges and likely to spend years in a federal prison.

It does not have to be this way. India is one of a few who remain faithful to Allison Mack and the imprisoned Raniere. Others have left the gruesome cult. There is little question that if India cooperated with authorities, it would be possible for her to cut a deal or perhaps avoid charges altogether. But she resists – preferring to throw away years of her life to live in prison to save a hopeless Raniere.  While India faces a long prison sentence, Raniere is likely never to see freedom.

Catherine Oxenberg appears on Megyn Kelly’s Today show to explain how her daughter, India, is being brainwashed and held mentally captive in a sinister and sick cult.

The language of the federal arrest warrant for Raniere makes it clear India [Co-Conspirator 2] is a target of the investigation. It reads:

“Co-Conspirator 2 (‘CC-2’) had been involved in Nxivm for several years before being introduced to DOS [Raniere and Mack’s secret sex-slaver group within NXIVM].  … Based on information obtained over the course of the investigation, CC-2 is CC-1 ‘s direct slave.”

CC-1 is Allison Mack. India is a slave to Mack. Other slaves in Mack’s “slave pod” include actress Nicki Clyne of TV’s Battlestar Gallactica, and Dr. Danielle Roberts, the physician who performed the painful human branding on women to mark them as slaves.

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married. Clyne is also a slave to Mack – as is India.


The painful brand India and other slaves received on their  pubic region.

The federal criminal complaint has this to say about Mack [CC-1].

“CC-1 is an actress and is currently understood to be one of the women with whom RANIERE maintained a sexual relationship prior to the development of DOS. …  Based on information obtained over the course of the investigation, including admissions by RANIERE and emails between RANIERE and CC-1, CC-1 is RANIERE’s direct slave.”

India’s stepfather is actor Casper Van Dien. He appeared on social media to support his stepdaughter’s choice to remain in the sex-slave cult. He told Artvoice that the publicity of being known to be branded and in a sex cult is worse for India than actually being in the cult itself.

Prior to joining the secret sex-slave group, India spent more than $100,000 of her savings on Nxivm training and therapy sessions. She depleted her entire savings and is now in debt to NXIVM for more than $100,000.

Forensic psychiatrist Park Dietz was hired by NXIVM to conduct a psychiatric evaluation to determine India’s competency to take more NXIVM classes. Deitz told the New York Times that, as a result of his preliminary evaluation, India appears healthy and happy.  Cult expert Rick Ross disagrees and said India is brainwashed and he fears a suicide scenario is possible.

Allison Mack [l] is the slave master of India Oxenberg [r]. Many believe the sleep deprivation, the low calorie diet and the hypnotic induction classes devised by Raniere for his slaves has made the women brainwashed and incompetent to act rationally in their best interests.
The FBI has interviewed eight victims and additional witnesses. As a result of the investigation, India is described in the complaint as having attempted to coerce or trick alleged victim ‘Jane Doe 2.’ [Jane] into having sex with Raniere.

Jane is an actress and model who began taking Nxivm classes in 2016.  Under orders from Mack to recruit new slaves, India tricked Jane into joining “a secret women-only society” that India said transformed her life.

According to the complaint, India told Jane that in order to learn more, she had to provide ‘collateral,’ which Jane did in the form of a video in which Jane divulged a damaging secret.  After providing this video, India told Jane about DOS and Jane agreed to become India’s slave. India revealed to Jane that Allison Mack was her master and therefore Jane’s ‘grandmaster.’

Soon after, Mack and India ordered Jane to “seduce Keith” and have him take a nude picture of her to prove it.  Mack told Jane that this assignment was a privilege that few women had the honor of experiencing, but Mack and India both seduced Keith and had their naked pictures taken by him.  Mack told Jane , “I give you permission to enjoy sex with Raniere.”

But Jane did not want to enjoy sex with creepy Keith. She ran away from DOS in May 2016. In 2017, with encouragement from Catherine Oxenberg and this writer, Jane went to law enforcement and became a witness against Raniere.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on Catherine Oxenberg’s heroic attempt to save her daughter – first from the cult; and now from prison.

Will India Oxenberg face criminal charges for her role in the sex cult?

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  • Hi my name is Casper. My family likes to call me Bo. My ex step mother is Catherine Oxenberg. To be completely honest with you, Catherine is a piece of work. The fact that she has the gall to write and say all of this while being the reason my entire family went to ESP (NXIVM). I spent my entire inheritance on ESP at Catherine’s command. She has no right to say any of what she said about my sister nor does she have any right to say that she’s innocent. She is the reason I was there. She is the reason India is there. And she is not to be trusted with any information.

  • Catherine Oxenberg did her best to destroy my best friends life. She had success in destroying her daughter. She was horrible to her son. Catherine LIES when she says she thought the cult was “weird” in 2011 when she first went … At the end of 2012 she forced her children to use the money her grandmother gave them to participate in this cult. India has been involved since 2011. Catherine only waited to speak out until she was divorced and obscure. Poor India was a very gentile sweet child… Who literally would do anything to get away from her monster of a mother…

  • Why isn’t this man hanging in the streets until his body stinks and the crows pick out his eyes, as an example to other insane cult leaders?

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