Master Raniere with his Prefect, Nancy Salzman.
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Search Warrant Yield: $500K – seized by FBI at NXIVM President’s house

nvestigative journalist Brendan Lyons – who has broken more NXIVM stories than any in mainstream media – and on behalf of the newspaper that has done more to unhinge the vicious NXIVM cult – the Albany Times Union – breaks another shocker this morning:

Half-million in cash was seized from NXIVM president’s house

The unsealed documents are federal search warrant receipts – unsealed by a judge at the request of the Times Union.

We learn:

FBI agents seized $520,000 in cash from NXIVM President Nancy Salzman’s home when they raided it March 27- two days after Raniere’s arrest.

[Frank Report detailed months ago – before the FBI investigation started – that cash was stored at her house – money smuggled from Mexico. Kristin Keeffe alleged in a court filing back in 2015 that as much as $2 million was stored there at any given time.]

FBI found cash in bags, envelopes and shoe boxes. One shoe box had $390,000.

FBI agents also seized computers, data-storage devices, cameras, mobile phones, BlackBerrys, and small amounts of Mexican and Russian currency [60,000 rubles {$971 US dollars] from Salzman’s house.

Evidence also was seized from the FBI raid at 8 Hale Dr., the townhouse used by Keith Raniere as his ‘sex lair.’

Seized at Hale Dr. were

  • audio-video recording equipment
  • a box of unidentified white pills,
  • computer storage devices,
  • binders,
  • VHS tapes,
  • Among books in his library, one titled “History of Torture” was seized.

FBI affidavits filed in support of the search warrant applications confirm what Frank Report wrote more than two weeks ago: Allison Mack is an alleged co-conspirator with Raniere.

Raniere, trying to shift the blame to Mack, said DOS was a private “sorority” and he had zero role in it.

Raniere is being held without bond at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn and is scheduled to appear before a U.S. magistrate judge on Friday.

The search warrant records indicate federal crimes beyond sex trafficking are now being investigated.

Photo courtesy Albany Times Union: FBI agents leave with boxes of records – and shoe boxes and envelopes with half a million in cash from Nancy Salzman’s house. Salzman, NXIVM’s president, is known to her followers as “Prefect.”