U.S. Senate Candidate, Chele Farley
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Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Yom Ha’atzmaut

From the Farley campaign:

On today, the 70th Anniversary of Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, we join with our friends here in America and Israel in celebration of this important holiday.

And while this is a day of celebration, we are reminded that many have paid with their lives to safeguard the freedoms enjoyed there. With Iran seeking to expand its influence in Syria, under the umbrella of Russian influence, we must stand ever vigilant against the real threats to Israel’s independence and security.

At the same time, here in America, we must resist those voices who seek to diminish our historic friendship with Israel. Those Americans who legitimize the BDS movement, find common cause with the likes of Linda Sarsour or ally with the Palestinian government to give aid and comfort to terrorists pose a long-term threat to our partnership and undermine the cause of Israel’s independence.

Israel’s achievements in science, technology, and culture are hallmarks of its special place in the world. The partnership between America and Israel is more important than ever and we look forward to celebrating Independence Day for years to come.