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After cult is busted for female sex trafficking is Nxivm using Scruff to recruit gays?

Below is a screen shot reputedly of Nxivm member, Chris Pearson Smith’s “Scruff” profile. Scruff is an international mobile application for gay and bisexual men that runs on iOS, Android, and Apple Watch.

It’s a gay dating app.

A source said this “I fear he may be using it to recruit for the evil cult by preying on the unsuspecting and lovelorn. Sad to see this cult around.”

Here is the profile. Please be wary if you are thinking of hooking up with Chris Pearson Smith. While he may be looking for love in all the right places, on the other hand, his real goal may be to get you into a sex-slaver cult headed by a man now in federal prison awaiting trial who was denied bail.

His response to “what I do” which is “Helping you gorgeous people wake up and see yourselves’ sounds like he has in mind teaching from the cultic vault of bullshit.

Chris also has a website where he offers his consulting services.


“Intro. Bend the Mind. Become a catalyst for change. Christopher PearsonSmith is a visionary and activist for authenticity, truth, and life.”






For those gorgeous people who really want to wake up and see yourselves, perhaps you might want to see the leader of Executive Success – who Pearson Smith follows. #Brainwashed so bad.
The gal that helps Pearson Smith wake up and see himself is sex-slaver Allison Mack who is Smith’s coach in NXIVM. She is named as a co-conspirator in the criminal complaint against her master, Keith Raniere – charged with sex trafficking.

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