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Is Harmon Wilfred another Edward Snowden?

Was Wilfred Exiled to New Zealand for exposing Clinton-CIA crime connection?

[Ed. note: Harmon Wilfred’s story, if true, is a shocking abuse of power and the US government lies right at the heart of it. Below is the significant portion of a letter Wilfred wrote to Donald Trump during his campaign for president. He tells his story, as he has done many times before and after. It is up to the reader to look deeper – if interested – into the veracity of his claims.]

By Harmon Wilfred  

I am an honorably discharged US Air Force Top Secret qualified and Vietnam era veteran who also served as a CIA financial contractor in the mid to late 90’s in activities that directly involved the Clintons.

In 1999 I exposed a Clinton/CIA financial conspiracy to the US Justice Department, including details of a CIA Black Ops operation to establish the ultimate covert global funding resource. This involved a CIA sanctioned covert laundering of tens of billions of dollars completely outside Congressional oversight in which I was unwittingly and regretfully involved. I was told I was simply setting up a funding operation for humanitarian assistance in Central America.

My focus for the last 20+ years as a US whistleblower started in the late 1980s as a real estate developer in Colorado challenging the infamous Resolution Trust Corporation (which coincidentally included the Clinton White Water scandal).

Today I am stateless and essentially exiled in New Zealand as I continue my effort to expose the Clintons’ greed and power mongering. Being more naïve than Edward Snowden, I initially blew the whistle on the CIA while on assignment in the late 90’s as an independent CIA financial contractor (a CIA “Asset”) believing that my government would be appalled at the revelations I placed before it.

Instead, I was arrested in Canada by order of the US Justice Department and incarcerated in a maximum security underground prison in Ontario for extradition to the US. At that time, the Canadian High Court and the US Justice Department ordered a media ban on my case. That blackout seems to have held ever since, as no one has been willing to touch the REAL story.

Once I was released from the Ontario prison on a $600,000 bail after 120 days of hell, while pursuing the truth in the US, I subsequently experienced multiple incarcerations over two years in US federal, county and local jails; in one case having been held without charges or bail. As these actions were ultimately determined by a Federal District Court as a violation of the International Hague Commission Treaty; to avoid a diplomatic incident, a US Federal judge was forced to dismiss the charges, seal the file, and order my release back to Canada.

At a meeting in Toronto in October 1999, requested by Bill and Hillary Clintons’ attorney, Gregory Craig (my Canadian wife Carolyn Dare Wilfred, heiress of the Dare Foods of Canada family dynasty was present); I was told that I should “make peace with my government” or I would never see my children again (aged 4 and 6 at that time). The US continued their harassment while I remained in Canada with what I found out to be further planned attempts to have me arrested.

In June 2001, like Edward Snowden, I too escaped to Hong Kong with my wife for a period of six weeks. In August 2001, we were then warned by my close CIA contacts to leave Hong Kong so we decided to move on to New Zealand. Since then, I have indeed been forcibly estranged from my children for over 18 years.

In 2005, while living in New Zealand, the US consulate refused to return my US passport upon renewal. For my personal freedom and safety and to avoid being sent back to the US for further abuse, I was advised to renounce my US citizenship. I have been officially stateless ever since despite repeated failed attempts to gain legal status in New Zealand.

Although I have received several demands since 2008 by NZ Immigration to leave the country, with a deportation order served in 2011, because I am stateless, I cannot leave or be deported. Upon my wife’s departure for Canada in September 2015 on family business, New Zealand Immigration, without notice, suspended her Canadian visitor visa wavier in order to prohibit her return; this in spite of the fact that she had an active application for NZ residency being processed under their $10 Million dollar investor-plus plan.

That application was declined on Friday, May 13, 2016 and is being appealed. This further ensures my now forced separation; first from my children…and now my wife has fallen under what I believe to be the influence of the Clinton/US political dagger.

Meanwhile, I continue to live alone near Christchurch, New Zealand with no right to travel, work or reside legally. I have had enough! My personal web site at www.harmonwilfred.com is linked to my documentary and court web site at www.luminadiem.com and www.courtofpublicjustice.com where my story is comprehensively told in a chronicled/legal evidence format supported by over a thousand pages of original PDF documents….

I have been on an amazing 25 year odyssey (19 years together with my wonderful and amazingly supportive wife). As a stateless person today, I am literally an “unwanted alien” on planet earth with no rights to travel, work or reside anywhere.

New Zealand has all but acknowledged publicly that they cannot deport me and I cannot leave, so here I stay, living alone for now, co-managing my wife’s estate.

Edward Snowden has blown the whistle on what many allege is the unlawful international spying actions of the US government. However, I retain in my possession the information and evidence to expose a CIA/Clinton financial infrastructure that operates a virtually unlimited covert international funding mechanism for global Black Ops operations without congressional oversight or any public accountability whatsoever.

In March 2001, I was informed that the first funding of USD $15 Billion in US Treasury Bills was transferred into this covert “bank” to prepare for the initial Black Ops assignments.

On June 9, 2001, a key member of the team who participated in the setup of the CIA covert bank died suddenly in an alleged murder suicide of his entire family. This occurred three days after his reported confrontation with the US Treasury in Virginia.

On September 11, 2001, one month after our arrival in New Zealand; Carolyn and I found ourselves horrified with the rest of the world at the spectacle of the carnage at the World Trade Center. On the cusp of having unwittingly participated in the creation of the CIA/Clinton mega billion dollar black ops “super fund”, I could not help but wonder if the CIA was involved in this act of “terrorism” in order to provoke the American public into supporting what became a new war in Afghanistan followed by the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and ultimately becoming the global “War on Terror”.

The conspiracy theories that have since surfaced in that regard have given me great pause….

All said and done, I simply want my reputation, my freedom and especially my wife and family restored to me.