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India Oxenberg likely to be arrested; Princess Elizabeth, Catherine Oxenberg make last ditch attempt to save her from arrest and from vicious NXIVM sex-cult & Allison Mack

Richard Johnson


Princess Elizabeth, daughter in NYC in bid to rescue grandkid from alleged sex cult

Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia and her daughter Catherine Oxenberg are in New York in a last-ditch attempt to rescue Catherine’s daughter India from the Nxivm “sex-slave” cult.

[Frank Report note: ‘Last ditch’ because India is likely to be arrested as co conspirator #2 in an indictment soon to be unsealed by the Eastern District NY against Raniere et al.]

India Oxenberg [c] and Allison Mack [r] leave NXIVM headquarters. Oxenberg is MAck’s slave on the brutal DOS sex slaver cult.
India, 26, has moved from the Albany area, where Nxivm was headquartered, to Brooklyn — where cult leader Keith Raniere languishes in federal lockup.

Catherine Oxenberg and daughter India Oxenberg in 2007

She is working at Plantmade, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the East Village.

[Frank Report: Another example of Executive Success – after paying more than $200,000 in Executive Success classes, the lass is broke and has to work at a restaurant.]

The restaurant’s manager said he did not know who India was when he hired her two months ago.

India still refuses to talk to her mother, who flew in from California, but has spoken to her grandmother, who came from Serbia, to talk some sense into India.

[Frank Report: This what Raniere does to people – makes them brats who dishonor their mother.I was quoted in the article and maybe the little brat will see how ridiculous she is. That was my intention to show the world she is a little fool so maybe – just possibly she will wake up in time, make a deal to honestly tell what she knows about the crud Raniere and instead of being co conspirator #2 , she can be star witness #1. She is truly a victim.]

“India remains loyal to Raniere, and has vowed to go to prison to protect him,” Frank Parlato, a former publicist for Nxivm, told me. “She thinks she’s doing noble things. She told someone, ‘I will be like Nelson Mandela.’ ”

[I also told Richard Johnson that “Some women like India whose pelvises were branded with Raniere’s initials are expected to testify that they gained immensely from Raniere’s life coaching, that they were not coerced, and that, if any women were coerced, it was India Oxenberg’s fault something which I do not believe for a minute.” That’s right, if Raniere can, he will make India the fall girl for his crimes.]Catherine is desperate to free India and she’s writing a book called “Captive: A Mother’s Crusade To Save Her Daughter From a Terrifying Cult,” due in August from Gallery Books.

[Catherine’s every move has been a bittersweet one. On the one hand she has rescued untold 100s of women and girls from the monster Raniere, and, on the other hand, her own daughter is so feckless that she cannot see who really loves and cares about her. The book Catherine is writing will undoubtedly help many other women and families of women in dangerous cults but suppose it does not save her own daughter?

Someday i hope tiny brained India will wake up and see that no good comes out of making so many victims as Raniere has done. If he was so good why is there a long trail of victims. Maybe one day India will wake up and be great and move fast away from this evil she has misrepresented to herself as pure good.]

Raniere, arrested in March at his hideout in Mexico, will be back in court on April 27 to ask for bail.

[The coward Raniere hid like the jackal he is. India did not go to Mexico to hide out with him. For that she – one hopes – will not be held without bail. Maybe then it will sink in, that it is her mother who is the faithful one, her mother and grandmother. It was their strength that will get her through this.]