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Jail food for Raniere – better than DOS food for his NXIVM sex slaves!

Ashley White

By Ashley White

Keith Raniere allowed his DOS slaves to eat an 800 calorie per day diet. He told them that for women to be enlightened that needed to eat very little.

Ironically, now that he is in prison, Raniere’s diet is rather sparse too.

Here are some of the meals he is enjoying as prisoner 57005-177





Hot dogs, bread and beans

Ham, slaw and bread

Apple, bread, broccoli and a mysterious stew

Breakfast: Oat meal, bread and a boiled egg

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, beans, bread and apple

Beans, rice, pickles

Goulash with veggie, cornbread and cake

Does anybody see the irony. The cruel Raniere forced hundreds of women to be on near starvation diets while he ate like a pig. Now the tables are turned and it makes one believe in the Law of Karma.