Keith Raniere's attorney
I wonder if Bronfman-Raniere’s new Albany attorney, Paul DerOhannesian, is ready for his new clients. Hope he got a VERY LARGE retainer ’cause it looks like he’s going to be pretty busy.
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Sex-slaver Raniere retains Albany Atty Paul DerOhannesian to represent him in Fed sex trafficking case

After searching for an attorney for some two weeks, and likely using Bronfman money, Keith Raniere has retained Paul DerOhannesian II to represent him.

Photo-shopped image of Keith Raniere behind bars.


DerOhannesian’s expertise is in criminal law and, in particular, sexual assault trials.

Raniere was arrested in Mexico on March 25 and deported to the US. He is being held without bail, charged with sex trafficking – and is presently traveling by bus – to Brooklyn to be arraigned. He is in the custody of US Marshals.

The name is not hard to pronounce

You Tube has several interviews with Paul DerOhannasian II. He was YNN’s ‘Legal Eagle.’ This video pronounces his name at 34 seconds.

It is phonetically: Dare-a-Nxian. [This is not a joke; check it out yourself on YouTube.] DerOhannasian is an expert in defending those charged with sex crimes.

He wrote a book: Sexual Assault Trials, available via Lexis Nexis. In its 4th edition, it is available in hard cover or as an e-book. The cost is $254 for the two volume set.

DerOhannesian II, is a partner of the Albany law firm, DerOhannesian & DerOhannesian.