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Liberty Tax Ready to Help You Get Return Filed

If you haven’t filed your tax return yet, you may want to visit Liberty Tax at 6509 S. Transit Rd., in Lockport, and take care of getting your return filed before time runs out.

      The professionals at Liberty Tax Service are ready to help you take care of your taxes and get your refund before time runs out in just a matter of days.

      Liberty owner Edwin Garey reminds taxpayers that April 15 is the last day to file and get your refund for the 12/31/2014 tax year and 2017 returns are due by April 17.

      You must file if you had income over $4,350; received health insurance from the market place; received 1099-interest or 109-dividend interest over $400, or received advanced premium credit.   Also, earned income credit, tip income, child care tax credit, American Opporunity credits or other credits.

      Garey also reminds taxpayers that they should file if they have sold real property, had a business, had capital gains, rental income, gambling income over $1,200 or had a spouse pass away in 2017.

      For those of you who need to take care of your taxes, you can call Liberty Tax at 716-650-4076 or 716-622-0700 to schedule an appointment.  Or you can can walk in and drop off your information Monday through Friday from 11 a. m. to 6 p. m.

      Remember, the hour is growing late and Liberty Tax professionals are ready to help you take care of your taxes just as soon as you can bring them the information and records needed to file your return.  

       “Don’t wait until the last hour,” says Garey.  “We’re here and we have a very strong staff of professional tax accountants ready to give you the help that you need to get your return filed.”

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Tony Farina is an award-winning newspaper and television reporter, former chief speech writer for the NY Attorney General, and former First Assistant Comptroller for the City of Buffalo, in addition to being a U.S. Navy Veteran who served during the Vietnam War.

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