Adolph Hitler, former Chancellor of Germany. According to Raniere, Hitler has been reincarnated as Nancy Salzman.
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From Adolf Hitler to Herman Goering, NXIVM sex-cult leader Raniere told followers they were ‘Reincarnated Nazis’!

NXIVM sexslaver Keith Raniere, who was arrested last month and charged with forced labor and sex trafficking, reportedly told followers they were reincarnations of Nazi officials including Adolf Hitler. Raniere is currently in federal custody. The sexslave cult has many women, whom Raniere prefers to be exceptionally thin. Most notorious among the stable of actresses is actress-turned-sexslave recruiter, Allison “Pimp” Mack, who made headlines recently when she chased Mexican law enforcement at high speed while her guru, “Vanguard” Raniere was transported back to the United States for criminal processing.

This same kind of devotion was shown to Hitler by many of his Nazi followers during the final days of the Third Reich.

Raniere told followers he knew about their present life, all their past lives and all future lives.

Hitler Reincarnated?  Prefect” Nancy Salzman was Adolf Hitler in a past life?

Adolph Hitler, former Chancellor of Germany. According to Raniere, Hitler was reincarnated as Nancy Salzman.



Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman in the audience when the Dalai Lama appeared in Albany.
“Prefect,” Nancy Salzman (r) with Keith ‘Vanguard’ Raniere (l). Raniere told followers Salzman is the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler


















Raniere told his second in command Nancy “Prefect” Salzman she was Adolph Hitler in a past life.

Salzman is co-founder of NXIVM, along with Raniere. She is a registered nurse, hypnotist, and neuro-linguistics programming expert. She was instrumental in the development of the cult’s proprietary “programming.”

On the heels of Raniere’s arrest last month, Salzman’s house was raided by the FBI and is likely a target of an ongoing investigation into sex trafficking and financial and tax crimes carried out by the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization.

Salzman is Jewish. Raniere told Salzman she must atone for her crimes when she was Hitler by doing whatever he told her. He alone could help her overcome the assault on Jews she committed in her past life.

“The law of Karma weighs heavy on you,” Raniere reportedly told her. Salzman teary eyed thanked him for saving her and removing her karma and vowed to obey him for life.

Now Raniere faces life in prison. Salzman may also be facing a long prison term.


Herman Goering? Ex-girlfriend, Victim, and heroine, Toni Natalie


High-ranking Nazi Officer, Herman Göring. Was he reborn as Toni Natalie? Keith Raniere said so.

Toni Natalie (l) with “Vanguard” Keith Raniere in the ’90s.







After she broke free from Raniere in 1999,  Toni Natalie became one of the first to speak out against him. She endured nearly 20 years of lawsuits, criminal complaints and terrorism initiated by Raniere and funded by the notorious Clare Bronfman.

When they were together as boyfriend and girlfriend – before he started his sinister cult, Raniere told Natalie that in her past life she was high-ranking Nazi official, Herman Göring.  According to a 2006 report in Metroland, as a result of therapy sessions with Raniere, Natalie said she became convinced she had been responsible for the Nazi Holocaust.

One time, Natalie claims, a group of Raniere’s followers cornered her in her office.  A man in the group told her, “Close your eyes. Close your eyes and hold out your hands.” She did as she was told and held out her hands, in which he placed a knife.

Natalie said, “What’s this?” The man replied: “ ‘You should know, because that’s the knife you killed me with.’”

Natalie refused to accept Raniere’s pronouncement that she was Herman Goring and shortly after left him.

Natalie never had a child.

Reinhard Heydrich? Ex-Girlfriend, Whistle blower and Heroine, Barbara Bouchey

Was Barbara Bouchey formerly Reinhard Heydrich? Keith Raniere told her it was so. 







Nazi Reinhard Heydrich. Raniere informed Bouchey she was Heydrich in a past life.



Barbara Bouchey, another former girlfriend, was identified by Raniere as Reinhard Heydrich, a high-ranking Nazi officer. Bouchey, who owned a successful business, before Raniere inducted her into NXIVM, became enamored of Raniere at first.

Raniere considered this “knowledge” of her past ‘Naxi” life to be part of her training.  She was given the German nickname “Ya.” Raniere told Bouchey that she would bear Raniere’s avatar child, a child that would help create a more noble civilization.

Bouchey left the cult and became a whistleblower. Raniere hounded her through some 13 lawsuits and leveling false charges had her indicted. Clare Bronfman committed perjury and the case was thrown out.

Bouchey never had a child.


Joseph Goebbels? Longtime sex cult slave, Ivy Navares was his assistant?

Nazi, Joseph Goebbels. Raniere claimed Ivy Navares was an assistant to Goebbels in her past life.

Ivy Nevares,  a longtime cult member was promised she would bear Raniere’s avatar child. She never had a child.

Ivy Nevares

Sources say Ivy Nevares was identified by Raniere as a lower-level, unnamed Nazi who was working under Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda. Nevares has been the victim of years of Raniere’s systematic abuse.

One insider cult source told :

“One example of Keith’s malevolent, merciless nature is harem member Ivy Nevares. In recent years I took a training with Ivy Nevares. She had let her hair grow so long it was below her feet. It was very nutty. She told me that she couldn’t cut her hair until Keith determined that she had healed her ethical breach and gave her permission to cut her hair. She said that she had to demonstrate to Keith that “she really cared'”

The ethical breach referred to may be Ivy’s gaining weight. The FBI alleges in its complaint against Raniere that he prefers his women to be exceptionally thin.

The source further provided:

“Apparently they [cult members] led Ivy to believe that she would someday marry Keith and have his first born child once she “healed her ethical breach”. Yet all of Keith’s women knew this was a complete and total fallacy. My friend said Ivy was despised by Keith’s harem as she had been his #1 wife in the mid- 2000’s and hated the idea of the harem and they were all insanely jealous of her. They were happy to participate or perhaps better put, rationalize, Ivy being iced out. Yet these women all knowingly participated in defrauding Ivy and using mal-intended unlicensed weekly therapy sessions to convince her that her fantasy was real when they all knew it was all a lie.”

Benito Mussolini. Raniere claimed Alex Betancourt was the reincarnation of Il Duce.
Alejandro Betancourt







Alejandro Betancourt was identified not as a Nazi, but a Fascist. Raniere told Alex Betancourt that he was Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator, in his past life.

Betancourt is the son of a successful accountant that worked for Manuel Espinosa Iglesias. He is gay and has had a long standing affair with Emiliano Salinas – another cult member – who is the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas.

Sources say Betancourt’s father became successful from one transaction: “adjusting” a transaction concerning Bancomer, the largest financial institution in Mexico. Alex’s father set up his son on an allowance so he need never work.

Alex, with plenty of time on his hands, decided to invest his energies into NXIVM, developing his own motto, “I don’t have any sexual boundaries.”

Raniere reportedly told Betancourt that he had a lot to make up for having killed so many people during World War 2.

Raniere reportedly said that his being Mussolini showed Betancourt that he had the ability to rule an empire. It was also a warning because Betancourt could wind up on the wrong side of a war and be toppled and executed brutally as he was when he was Mussolin.

Raniere warned, it could happen again if Betancourt  did not follow Raniere’s instructions.

Betancourt remained a loyal and devoted follower until shortly after Raniere’s arrest last month in Mexico. Then Betancourt and  lover, Emiliano Salinas publicly distanced themselves from Raniere.

Salinas has been rumored to have been Mussolini’s gal friend Claretta Petacci in his past life.

Keith Raniere with the late Pam Cafritz. He told her she was a low level Nazi in her past life. Cafritz was the daughter of DC socialites Bill and Buffy Cafritz.

The late Pamela Cafritz was identified as an obscure and low-level Nazi whose name remains unknown. While Raniere taught that her low status did not exculpate her from her Nazi treachery, it was clear that she was a lower-level figure and in order for her atone her crimes she needed to be very subservient to other higher-ranking former Nazis.

The FBI alleged in its letter to Federal Judge Steven M. Gold that Raniere and the mother of his child Mariana Fernandez have accessed hundreds of thousands of dollars from the late Cafritz’s bank account, which contains over $8 million dollars.

It is not known if the money was Cafritz’s or was money obtained elsewhere and parked in the dead woman’s account by Raniere and Bronfman.