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The Process of Making Diamonds from Human Ashes: A Post-Burial Option more and more adopted in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

In light of the technology advancements and economic boom in USA, Canada and Mexico, the funeral industry has been continuously remodeled over the years to match the demand for uniquely modern burial options that offer a dignified afterlife and a way for the bereaved to commemorate their lost loved ones. Diamonds from Ashes have since gained popularity in the USA as a means to bridge the gap between life and death, hence giving the bereaved closure.

 A Step by Step Guide to Diamonds from Ashes Creation

The difference between Diamonds from Ashes and a natural diamond is almost negligible as both processes require heat and pressure. Notably, they differ in the mineral content and the process of formation. Natural diamonds are minerals that form underground over a long period of time while Diamonds from Ashes are grown in the lab using the carbon content extracted from the cremated ashes or hair of your loved one.

The process of Diamonds from Ashes creation is as follows;

Step 1: The hair or cremated ashes are analyzed to determine whether they contain enough carbon to be turned into a diamond; about 8 oz. of ashes or 0.4 oz. of hair are required. The carbon content of ashes differs from case to case and the total contained carbon may or may not be enough for the diamond creation process.

Step 2: The ashes are then placed in a specialized crucible and the crucible is heated to over 5000F to make sure every element except carbon oxidizes and then temperature is raised further so that carbon can become graphite.

Step 3: The graphite with a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal are placed into the core. The core goes into a specialized diamond press capable of creating extreme tension which then starts working thus bringing the pressure to about 800,000 pounds/square inches.

Crucible used to forge diamonds

Step 4: During the last stretch when the press is working, the temperature in the room stays about 2500F so that the ashes turned diamonds become solid. Purification takes approximately 5,000 minutes for each cremation diamond ordered.

Step 5: Impurities are removed and reduced to 1/500 of the original impurity content providing 4N purity (99.99%). Every little detail matters when turning ashes into diamonds. Renowned vendors like LONITÉ with a branch office in Buffalo in the State of New York, USA use highly specialized state-of-the-art equipment that allows the greatest precision, quality and stability. Scales are accurate to 0.001(g).

Embracing Diamonds from Ashes in the US for a Safer Environment

Most people don’t know that cemetery burial release 10% more carbon than otherwise required in creation of Diamonds from Ashes. This results into narcosis and suffocation of living organisms which in turn threaten the existence of life on this planet in the long run. Carbon dioxide is an essential part of the global carbon cycle in the environment and as a greenhouse gas; it absorbs heat in the atmosphere and sends some back to the surface of the earth resulting into global warming.

Carbon dioxide emissions make up over 80% of all greenhouse gas emissions in USA, Canada and Mexico, ranging from natural gas flaring to fossil fuel burning among others.

Cemetery burials also pollute our groundwater because of the body embalming process which releases toxic fluids. Even with the existence of more ecological coffins, the long-term maintenance of the tombs endangers natural resources.

Cremation Diamonds Cost and How to Place an Order

Diamonds from Ashes are a more affordable solution for many families compared to traditional cemetery burials primarily due to the sky rocketing prices of burial spaces in major cities like New York and Mexico among others. The average cost of a cemetery burial in the USA is $8000 and can go up to $10,000 from only $706 in 1960 compared to the cost of Cremation Diamonds; which is $1,700 to a little over $17,000.

Important to note is the congestion in burial spaces with hardly any space for expansion. Cemetery operators have begun to resort to the kind of creative use of space that involves squeezing coffins into every barren inch, narrowing paths and stacking coffins nine-deep; for example San Isidro cemetery in Mexico City, borough of Azcapotzalco, reached full capacity in 2014 and people had to exhume the bodies of their deceased to create more space for the newly deceased which is a very traumatizing experience.

How to place an order:

To process an order for Diamonds from Ashes, contact the cremation diamonds vendor of your choice for an order form. Print and fill in the order form, make sure all sections are filled in and that the contract is properly signed. Vendors can scan and email both the complete order form and the signed contract. You will receive an order ID for the order tracking and identification and a free ashes submission kit with zipped containers and a shipping guide. Local collection of the ashes or hair can be arranged by contacting the nearest branch of the couriers used by the selected ashes into diamonds vendor.

Some Diamonds from Ashes vendors have the provision to assist you design every last detail of your gem to customize it in accordance with some of the personal traits of the deceased such as their favorite color or style. This is undoubtedly a simple way to eternalize the legacy of the deceased whilst preserving the best memories of them that are dear to the bereaved.


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