Clare Bronfman, sexcult financier and operator, with her own private jet and her own private island in Fiji, on standby.
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Bronfman to Guard Cult Leader? Owner of security company proposed to guard Raniere partnered with Bronfman attorney!

Dangerous Bail Package?

By Frank Parlato and Larry Shea

Yesterday, we saw the astonishing $10 million bail package offered by Keith Raniere’s attorneys, that was filed with the US District Court in the Eastern District of NY. The main ingredient of the package was the offer of Raniere leaving his jail cell in Brooklyn to occupy a house in the New York City area to be guarded  –  around the clock, by two guards per shift – by the elite private security firm TorchStone.

Mark J. Sullivan – who once led the US Secret Service – mostly under Obama – would be providing the supervision for the security company, TorchStone.  Sullivan has a business called GSIS – which he founded with, among others, Dennis K. Burke, a former US attorney for Arizona under Obama.  Shockingly, Burke was retained as Clare Bronfman’s criminal attorney. Bronfman may be charged any day.

Dennis Burke offers the best justice money can purchase. And Clare is buying. He is Clare Bronfman’s attorney and a partner with Mark Sullivan who heads the company that would guard Raniere. We’d almost call it cozy.

Apropos of the bail package, this means Bronfman is most likely offering to pay the cost of guarding and housing Raniere – as well as most likely paying Raniere’s team of attorneys – plus her own attorneys – one of whom is a partner of the man who will supervise the company that will guard Raniere.

As a US Attorney, Burke resigned in disgrace over his corrupt role in the US covert, disastrous and murderous Fast and Furious fiasco. Mark Sullivan headed the Secret Service during its widespread prostitution and drunken orgiastic scandals. In bringing these two in tandem with Bronfman and Raniere, we have tapped right into a bizarre world which only money can buy. And sell. With the fox picking all the hens to watch him and pay for it too.

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Mark Sullivan will be paid by Clare Bronfman to guard her cult leader.

It may be presently no conflict in a legal sense since Clare Bronfman has not yet been criminally charged. But if she cannot purchase justice, she will indeed be charged for her crimes against her fellow human beings. Those crimes are far, far greater than Allison Mack’s – for instance.

There are a hundred reasons to think this idea of having Bronfman pay to watch Raniere is a dangerous one. This Bronfman freeing Raniere and his being guarded by a security firm she pays for with deep connections to her own lawyer.

Add to this the fact that there are crazy followers of Raniere, among whom is Clare herself. She will do almost anything for him and she has untold wealth at her disposal.  Consider how insane it would sound to place Charles Manson in a house with only two guards being paid by one of his followers. This concept is obscene.

Would the Raniere’s Safe House Be That Safe?

Larry Shea called TorchStone, the firm that would be providing security for the very dangerous cult leader, Keith Alan Raniere, to find out if Mark J. Sullivan would be working directly under them or as a contractor for his own firm, GSIS, (which he co-founded with Dennis K. Burke and others).

They could not comment on it. However, they did promise to follow up with an answer at some indeterminate time. Why is this important? Please, see the following article that was published on April 27, 2018: “Clare Bronfman, expecting indictment, retains former US Attorney Dennis Burke.”

It is highly unlikely that Raniere will be granted bail for the following reasons:

The court date, on June 12, 2018, for Mack and the “Big Cheese” is going to be a trial situation conference; the request for bail will not be heard at this time. The bail request hearing will occur at a later date. After speaking with various legal experts familiar with the EDNY Federal District Court and the US Attorney’s Office EDNY, we are optimistic that Keith Alan Raniere will not make bail.

At this point in time, it is very important that individuals with firsthand information about the criminal behavior of the NXIVM cult and its principals contact the FBI at (212) 384-1000 or contact the United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of New York at (718) 254-7000.


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