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How can smoking destroy your life?

Imagine a world without cigarettes. Imagine if people could be free of such diseases as lung cancer, oral cancer, chronic obstructive illnesses, heart attacks and stroke? Would you like to live in this world?

Well, you can make a huge step toward it – quit smoking. Aside from numerous benefits it can do to your own well-being, you will make a service to non-smokers who may be exposed to second-hand smoke. It will also make a planet better place as smoke damages air quality and billions of butts pollute water and ground, affecting flora and fauna.

Smoking as a threat

Personal health issues are the key reason for quitting. Many smokers want either to drop their harmful habit or find a healthier alternative. That’s why they pick up vaping.

Devices like juul vapor (check this site out) are much safer than tobacco. Smoking involves the process of burning. The resulting smoke contains 4000 (according to some sources even 7000) of chemical compounds. They include toxins and carcinogens.

Vaporizing is not about combustion. It heats a liquid or herb and creates vapor. No study has proven yet that vaping can be as damaging as smoking.

The harmful effects of smoking on different organs of your body

Tobacco consumers develop tolerance and dependence on the nicotine. This alkaloid is highly-addictive. The addiction seizes the brain’s dopamine pathways. Consequently, it starts prioritizing the need for nicotine over natural human needs like eating or drinking.

When you stop smoking and the brain doesn’t get the nicotine it’s used to, you go through withdrawal. It may be irritability, anxiety, and of course, strong cravings for the nicotine.

Many smokers, especially female, decide to quit smoking or switch to a juul starter kit because of their appearance. When they start to compare their faces with the way their peers look, they understand that they should change something.

Head and Face
Smoking affects the blood vessels that provide the entire body with oxygen. When your skin doesn’t get enough of these vital nutrients, it becomes dry and loses elasticity, which leads to wrinkles and stretch marks. By the age of 30, wrinkles can start to form around your eyes (crow’s feet) and lips. The skin tone can appear dull, pale, or grayish. Thus, smokers look older.

Tobacco smoke is a known eye irritant. It reduces the ability to see at night, worsens dry eye syndrome, and increases the risk of developing a cataract, which is a major cause of blindness in the world. In fact, smokers are about four times more likely to go blind in old age.

Smokers are generally less satisfied with the state of their teeth. They have such oral health problems as mouth sores, ulcers, gum disease, tooth loss. Yellow teeth and bad breath are also quite common for them.

Smoking makes hair thinner, drier, and weaker.

Tobacco habit harms not only your face. It also damages the organs of your body and makes it older, too. People who want to avoid the following concerns choose technologically advanced products for vaping, like juul vapor devices.

Nails and fingers

Chronic smoking can stain the skin and nails.

Chemicals found in tobacco smoke degrades collagen and elastin, which results in sagging skin and deeper wrinkles all over the body. The breasts and upper arms are especially vulnerable areas.

The lack of blood and oxygen access to muscles makes them tire quicker, and ache more often. It also prevents muscle building.

With time, smoker’s bones become weaker and more brittle. That results in higher risks of bone fractures, longer time for healing the broken bones.

Narrowing of the coronary arteries and high blood pressure put stress on the heart. Constant stress can weaken the organ, increasing the risk of attack and stroke.

Smoking affects blood circulation. It also increases a risk for blood clots, another major issue related to heart attacks.

Tobacco smoke is extremely dangerous to lungs. It causes shortening of breath, coughing and wheezing. It can provoke scarred tissue, emphysema, respiratory infections, and cancer.

90% of deaths from lung cancer are estimated to be due to smoking. One-third of all cancer deaths are linked to tobacco.

Our bodies are made up of cells that have genetic material. It’s called DNA. It acts as a sort of instruction manual, telling a cell how to function and replicate. Smoking constantly damages your DNA. And when it’s damaged, the “instruction manual” can go wrong. The cell can start growing out of control and build a tumor. While your immune system usually tries to repair the DNA damage from smoking, it can get worn out with time. Then cancer starts developing.

Immune System
Cigarette tar and other chemicals containing in smoke make an immune system less effective at dealing with infections. This means a person is more vulnerable to different illnesses.

Physical Abilities
Taken into consideration its effects on the heart and circulation, it’s not surprising that smoking and sports don’t go hand in hand.

Reproductive System
For females:

Damaged fertility

Female smokers have more problems with getting pregnant. And the risks of challenges associated with pregnancy also increase. The possible consequences are miscarriage, premature delivery, or having a baby with low birth weight.

Early Menopause

Smoking women reach menopause 1-2 years earlier.

For males:

Damaged fertility

Men who smoke have a lower sperm count. Toxins inhaled with smoke can also alter the sperm genetic material. That can provoke infertility or even genetic defects in children.

Erectile dysfunction

Altered blood flow raises a risk of erectile dysfunction, commonly referred as impotence.

Psychological condition

In contrast to common opinion, smoking doesn’t help to cope with stress. Several studies have shown that long-term smokers are more prone to experience stress, anxiety, and depression than non-smokers.

Smoking as a predictor for divorce

According to a survey by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), two-thirds (66%) of smokers in the UK have argued with their loved ones about their habit. More than one in four (28%) respondents reveals that their relationship has ended partly due to their smoking.

Spouses mainly argue about the health risks (50%), financial cost (45%) and the smell (32%). It’s pretty clear why non-smoking spouse’s concerns can affect the relationship and actually cause a divorce. Many of them have strong feelings ranging from worry, fear, and disgust to feeling unimportant, disappointed and hurt. For some partners, their spouse’s refusal to quit smoking means indifference to their own health, spouse or family. So, maybe it’s time to read a juul review and knock out at least one problem of matrimonial life.


Some consequences of smoking are immediate. But usually, it’s a ticking time bomb. Sometimes, quitting is too late.

Throw your pack of cigarettes away now. You’ll avoid premature aging. You’ll improve your well-being. Quitting has several cosmetic effects, too. The smell of tobacco will be removed from your hair and clothes.

Certainly, giving up any addiction is difficult, but possible. Just find the method that works for you!

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