Shadow: Clare forgot that Nancy Salzman has a long memory; Allison forgot Lauren has a long memory and sharp stiletto to stab her back

By Shadow State  All you NXIVM members who thought the Salzmans –  Lauren and Nancy – were your friends and mentors are about to learn how devious criminals can be. But you NXIVM members should have known that when you threw in your lot with a criminal gang in the first place. You NXIVM people […]

By Shadow State 

All you NXIVM members who thought the Salzmans –  Lauren and Nancy – were your friends and mentors are about to learn how devious criminals can be.

But you NXIVM members should have known that when you threw in your lot with a criminal gang in the first place. You NXIVM people forgot the old saying, “There is no honor among thieves.”

What stories will Lauren and Nancy have to tell about their former friends in NXIVM?

Get out your buttered popcorn.

What did NXIVM ever do but scheme to destroy innocent people through persecution and litigation? And to assist in its legal terrorism schemes, NXIVM was more than happy to corrupt local officials: police, prosecutors, lawyers and judges.

Who in their right mind would knowingly associate with the fiendish leaders of NXIVM?  Only people equally fiendish. Every decent person who worked for NXIVM soon discovered the organization was run by sociopaths and left as soon as they could.

NXIVM is a terrorist gang engaged in slavery, sex trafficking, money laundering and extortion. Foolish NXIVM followers knowingly worshiped a lazy, sybaritic man who loved to molest children.

And Clare Bronfman and Allison Mack, women of fortune and fame, were overjoyed to help this troll of a man Keith Raniere steal girls’ childhoods from them.

Clare Bronfman thought that with her money she could buy NXIVM.  Clare forgot that Nancy Salzman has a long long memory.  Clare forgot that Nancy viewed NXIVM as her creation and that no interloper could steal Nancy’s show without dire consequences.

Allison Mack thought that she could curry favor with her Vanguard by pimping women and grooming girls for sex.  Allison forgot that her rival for leadership of DOS, Lauren Salzman, not only has a long memory but also has a sharp stiletto to plunge into Allison’s back.

So much for the sisterhood of Jness.

Keith Raniere has been a dead man walking since he was arrested last year in Puerto Vallarta.  The Vanguard can’t rescue his most servile servants, Clare and Allison.

Clare has grown up thinking that her money can buy everything but unlike the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz she failed to buy a brain. Clare did not even buy common human decency.  And in the Federal court system dealing with the FBI, Clare is about to discover how worthless her money really is.

And Allison, a self-absorbed woman who lacks any empathy for her fellow women, is about to discover how little empathy people have for her after her evil has been exposed.

Allison talked a good game about female empowerment but only delivered torture and slavery to her fellow women. On top of that Allison, working with the cruel Clare, groomed underage girls for sex with the Vanguard.

In this role, Allison and Clare replaced the immoral Pam Cafritz and Barb Jeske, both of whom died prematurely under mysterious circumstances.

Allison and Clare should have taken Pam and Barb’s premature deaths as an ill omen of their own futures.

As for the ambitious Federal prosecutors, they understand that wealthy heiress Clare and TV actress Allison are more attractive targets than Nancy and Lauren Who?.

Clare’s money and Allison’s fame will actually work against them.  Clare thinks her money will shield her from prison. Allison thinks her fame will protect her from doing time.

Clare and Allison are like that old song title “What a Fool Believes.”

Well, here’s a new song title for Clare and Allison to ponder: “Nobody Mourns the Wicked.”

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  • One wonders if Pam and Barb were “hurried” along in their death in order to gain unfettered access to their assets.

    Sadly it all comes down to money and sex.

  • Shadowstate,

    I am glad that Raniere and company are being prosecuted. I just wish that the truth did not turn out to be so dark. I feel so sorry for those girls that were manipulated and abused. Like you, I honestly gave the woman involved with the exception of Nancy Salzman the benefit of the doubt.

    I know Allison Mack is just B list actress at the end of the day. I just did not want to believe that she would aid and abet child abuse and child molestation.

    These new revelations are so very dark. Keith Raniere is as evil as they come and Allison Mack has no defense or reasonable excuse for conspiring with Keith Raniere.

    • Niceguy:

      When one talks about a 12 year old girl like Rhiannon was one is talking about a girl who might still be playing with dolls.
      Even girls a little bit older are not mature enough to handle predatory adults.
      Raniere’s followers talked about him mentoring girls.
      It was really him exploiting girls.
      Often girls exploited by creeps like Raniere, suffer from behavioral and psychological problems.
      Their school work suffers and sadly many get involved in substance abuse.
      Many prostitutes were victimized as children.
      And boys can be the victims of sexual abuse too.

      In my view the women who enabled Raniere are as guilty as he is.
      Raniere had no end of grown women who would accommodate him sexually.
      That was not enough for the Vanguard.
      And many of these same grown women in love with Raniere were willing to degrade underage girls to satisfy Raniere’s desires.

      As groomers these women put young girls at ease and cause the children to drop their guard.
      And Keith Raniere walks in and has his way with the children.
      Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, Kathy Russell, Pam Cafritz and Barb Jeske are pied pipers who lead these girls astray.

      I don’t want to hear how Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman are persecuted.
      They are only reaping what they sowed.

      • so very well said shadowstate CHILDREN <====12 is not appropriate {entitled behavior is ugly and preditory}

    • I know there are no excuses for the procuring of Allison and the other women, no matter what they believed about what they did, or if she was also a victim of the decadent manipulation in the ranks of NXIVM, which arises from the same KAR.

      But honestly so far I have not seen evidence that Allison or other DOS women knew and prepared girls or boys to be with KAR. I think this mainly because harem has existed for a long time longer than at that moment Allison became part of it, and we know that, thanks to the same Frank who said that at first she was not in love with KAR or hers and to know about KAR’s pedophilia and to manage teenage girls is needed time and experience, like that of Karen Unterreiner, Pamela Cafritz and Barbara Jeske.

      They had, in addition, many women in the harem and several of them served as informants for FRANK. Therefore how these women did not tell Frank anything about women who embraced pedophilia in the KAR harem?. There were even women who gave information. anonymously, in the comment section and even then nobody said something like this. Also the lack of information about victims makes me doubt these claims. I think that in reality the prosecutor is just raising the heat in the barbecue to finish convincing the rest of the accused, especially women, to take the plea agreements under the terms that the prosecution offers. Also the charges are handled as RICO so they can use the evidence on one of the defendants, in this case KAR, to pressure the rest for the same charges and that we already know is a usual strategy of prosecutors.

      • Just to clarify a couple of points on RICO…All the remaining defendants are facing two RICO charges: one for Racketeering and one for Racketeering Conspiracy. The “predicate acts” that have been cited by the prosecution to support the Racketeering charge are not being prosecuted as separate crimes. Instead, they are being used to support the allegation that there was, in fact, a criminal enterprise – and that all the defendants were part of it. But there is definitely the possibility for some “splash” effect as the prosecution introduces evidence of Raniere’s sexual exploitation of a minor.

      • I think we’ve seen indications, if not even evidence, that Allison did know.

        Wasn’t the girl kept locked up for nearly two years, an underage victim of Raniere to begin with, and wouldn’t Allison have known about that?

        And Allison’s “collateral” is said to include a video confessing to molesting two nephews.

        It may not be entirely clear, but it appears to me more likely than not, that Mack will come out looking even worse by the time this is all done.

  • Thanks to NXIVM, many old fashioned disgusting dirty jokes can be revamped.

    Remember the Classic Mother from West Virginia joke?

    Here is the updated and NXIVM-ized version.

    How did Nancy Salzman know her daughter Lauren was having her period?

    Vanguard’s dick tasted funny.

  • Having watched three of my immediate family die from cancer with all the meds and radiation to mitigate pain, I cringe when I think of Barb and Pam dying without palliative end of life care. This may be two of the cruelest things Keith did to his longtime harem members.

    I personally know that dying from brain cancer without the help of brain radiation is an incredibly painful cruel death. My sister died from brain cancer with the help of radiation a year ago. It was peaceful and humane.

    All I hope is that anyone in Nxivm that harmed others in any way financially physically sexually emotionally, karma awaits you. Keith Nancy Lauren Allison Clair Kathy Karen Edgar Emi and all the rest of you, you know who you are, Karma is a bitch and it’s coming your way.

    Keith for you I pray for an especially horrific end. You earned it!

    • I’m sorry for your loss.
      A few years ago my mother passed away and now my father is suffering from the after effects of a stroke.
      My family usually suffers from heart and blood pressure issues not cancer.
      But any loss is difficult to handle.
      God bless you and your family

  • Nancy has the info on which police, prosecutors, and judges were paid off.

    Would love to be a fly on the wall of that debrief.

    • Trouble is slick ol’ Nancy pants — as Niceguy caught and mentions on another post — isn’t the one “cooperating” on the sex offenses — that’s baby Lauren. The naughty Nurse knew nothing of those (HA!).

      Good piece, Shadow. (Not in total agreement, especially not on Ally, as usual.)

      • Thank you, Heidi.

        I’ve tried to avoid accusing Allison Mack of child abuse.
        After the recent government statement that Allison together with Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell, was grooming children for sex with Raniere I can no longer give her the benefit of the doubt.

        Allison Mack knew that Raniere is a pedophile and she knowingly assisted in the process of grooming, finding and training children to be abused.
        Allison Mack is just an updated version of Pam Cafritz and Barb Jeske.

        Here is a video explaining the grooming process.

        • Oh come on…this is BS! Everything you can pin on Allison, you do it. EVERYTHING…

          The article you link is also BS, even Frank admitted (the first time he posted it) that it was likely BS.
          But like Always , you take every possible negative side of Allison .
          You don’t even have anything to do with this whole case! you are just obsessed and that’s it.

          Don’t play the “mister niceguy” trying to be fair because you never were.

          As for the government statement, “equally admissible against all defendants as evidence of the racketeering enterprise and the racketeering conspiracy with which all defendants are charged” doesn’t mean that they all had connection in the child sex exploitation but that being in the racketeering enterprise, it’s relevant to each equally.

          There is still absolutely no prove (that we know of) about the allegation of child exploitation for Allison.

          Why would her lawyers ask for the “motion to sever” if they have seen the prove of her being connected to this?

          The child cases both date from BEFORE Allison even entered the cult!!! You’re gonna soon say that she was responsible for Raniere’s Birth…

          God i feel dirty even “talking” with someone like you!

  • I thought this article was a great read. It did cross my mind, like Anonymaker said about Sadie Atkins, that Lauren could lie on the stand and abandon the deal. It’s all so dramatic. I will look forward to this future American Crime Story!

      • Yes, but in case of high control groups or cults like the Manson family, as well as the mafia and other criminal gangs, not to mention those of pure nutjobs like Kaczynski the Unabomber, there are lots of examples of defendants doing things against their own self interest, and being willing to have the justice system come down on them for it, due to loyalty or ideology.

        Nancy Salzman’s calculus could also be influenced in unexpected ways, by what is going on with her health.

        People often end up hardcore members of groups like this, and involved in criminal activity, precisely because they don’t necessarily look at things the way the rest of us do – especially when it comes to those who have the most warped and pathological personalities. So what makes sense to us, isn’t always a good basis for predicting what motivates them and how they will act.

        • Regardless of her nutty thinking, perjury is perjury. The law doesn’t give a crap how they “look at things.” There is no need to try to play psycho-games with these nutjobs. It’s the actions that count, not the thoughts.

  • What about those of higher ranks still not implicated? There is still a network in Clifton Park NY hiding out!
    What about rainbow culture? Will there be others as the feds follow the trails?

    • Great points!

      I am still wondering about all those Nexians gathered in or near Puerto Vallarta.
      If Ranliere wanted to flee to Fiji all he needed was for Clare to charter a good boat and sail away.
      The Feds would still be trying to nab him.
      Raniere did not need Allison, Lauren, Nicki and Loretta Garza, his top Bad-Ass Warriors, as concubines

      There were persistent rumors that these NXIVM women were in Puerto Vallarta to lure critics and defectors down there to be arrested and imprisoned by corrupt Mexican officials.
      People like Catherine Oxenberg were warned not to travel to Mexico because there could be arrest warrants out for them South of the Border.
      Lauren Salzman could explain what this NXIVM gathering was all about.

      • how you love to mix facts and stories in arguments without any foundation.

        There were persistent rumors that these were NXIVM women were in Puerto Vallarta to lure critics and defectors down there to be arrested and imprisoned by corrupt Mexican officials.
        People like Catherine Oxenberg were warned to travel to Mexico because there could be warrants out for them South of the Border.
        Lauren Salzman could explain what this NXIVM gathering was all about.

        This story was told by Kristin Keeffe to Barbara Bouchey and it was several years ago, it has nothing to do with KAR hiding in Mexico.

  • Well-written dramatic telling of the arc of the NXIVM story.

    I think it gets a bit too much into assumptions and speculations about what is going on behind the scenes, however. For instance, Nancy Salzman’s attorney has specifically said that she was not cooperating, so she may well have decided to stay more or less loyal, or at least to minimize public airing of her misdeeds and tell as little as possible of what she knows. Lauren does seem ready to throw others under the bus at this point, and maybe even settle scores. But only time will tell, and we may yet be surprised; in the Manson trial, Susan “Sexy Sadie” Atkins abandoned a plea deal made to spare her life, and decided instead to lie on the stand to protect her man.

    Raniere made a mistake by focusing on a philosophy of ruthless self-interest inspired by Ayn Rand. Unlike other groups, such as Manson’s, that were more loyal in sticking by their guru, his followers, once out from under his direct influence, are starting to look out for the new number one – themselves.

    • Nancy didn’t sign a cooperation agreement. She can no longer plead the 5th, and will commit perjury if she lies on the stand. If she refuses to testify, it means a longer prison sentence. She’s not in a safe space.

    • “Raniere made a mistake by focusing on a philosophy of ruthless self-interest inspired by Ayn Rand.”

      I’m happy that I never fell for the philosophy of Ayn Rand which can best be titled ‘The Virtue of Selfishness.’
      Ayn Rand’s philosophy only creates a Society of Wolves.

  • Great article. I hope you’re right. Then again, they might walk free in Jussie’s footsteps.

    • Great article. I hope you’re right. Then again, they might walk free in Jussie’s footsteps.”

      Thank you.
      The Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx is catching hell for her lenient treatment of Jussie Smollet.

  • Cafritz and Jeske both died early from cancer, which is often a product of guilt and stress. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear of additional NXIVM cancer deaths over the next few years. In a way, the slow and painful deaths they both suffered is a form of justice.

    I don’t think one target is any more attractive to the Feds than any other. However, the “rich and famous” are obviously more clueless than the others, as their money and fame made them believe they are invincible. Hence, they are hanging in longer without a plea deal. We’ll see how much longer that lasts as they consider how much the two that already flipped, and possibly more, know about their behavior and will reinforce and expand upon the evidence the Feds have already shown them while preparing for the trial. The gears of justice take a while to get moving, and move slowly, but eventually will grind them into teeny-tiny pieces.

    • “In a way, the slow and painful deaths (Cafritz and Jeske) they both suffered is a form of justice.”

      I think you missed a comma in there sport. As you stated the slow and painful deaths of these women who succumbed to Keith’s agenda is a form of justice, it’s equally deserving you got fucked over by Amway. Poor baby.

      • I don’t see a missing comma, and I also don’t see what I am doing about educating others about Amway and other MLM scams is much different than what Frank is doing educating others about the NXIVM scam. Amway and other MLMs have scammed several 10s of millions of people by their operational nature of being illegal pyramid scams with little to no retail sales and many of them have tool scams as well, whereas NXIVM had only about 17,000 people over its entire 20 year history, most of whom merely took a course or two and left. Do you believe Frank got what he deserved when he was f*cked over by NXIVM? Go back and eat some thin mints, your blood sugar is obviously low. Poor baby. LOL

      • Girl Scout Cookies,

        Awesome zinger!!!! Better than a box of Thin Mints.

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