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Best Time Management Tips and Apps for College Students

August 20, 2019


Time is a limited resource we constantly consume without any second thoughts. We can’t help using it or renewing its supplies. Vice versa, we need more time every day to accomplish what we’ve planned. Doing your homework or working up at the online speech writing service requires hours, and you simply can’t afford to waste a single second of your life. 

Without doubts, it’s a tough task to force yourself doing something when you feel like doing nothing. Instead of completing a boring project, running after a tiring day of classes and work, cleaning up the room, etc., we sit on a bed with a smartphone in our hands, scrolling the news feed, watching stupid videos on YouTube, or exploring the hidden corners of Instagram. And it can last for hours! But believe it or not, you are not alone in this. Millions of college students all over the world face the same problem. 

Non-effective time management has many faces: procrastination, a distraction to personal life, never-ending projects, or a simple inability to plan. There are even more reasons for losing our precious resource daily. A feeling of wasting time results in dissatisfaction with yourself, destroying the life balance, undergoing more stress and facing more strict deadlines. Today, we are going to review easy ways of achieving more with the help of time management apps and tips. 

What is Time Management? 

Time management is a science about organizing your time, enhancing the efficiency of managing it. The core task is to learn how to plan minutes and eventually planning your whole life. However, frequently, when someone asks us about our day or what we have accomplished today, we just shrug our shoulders and nothing special comes to mind. A college student needs to be self-disciplined and accurate to cope with the pressure of studying, working, finding love, and having fun. 

Today, we are going to review a couple of life hacks that can help you win the fight with procrastination. 

6 Time Management Tips for College Students

  • Become an early riser. Tim Cook from Apple wakes up at 4.30. Almost every book and course on time management emphasize that the majority of successful and wealthy people start their days early. They state that mornings are the best for studying, planning, doing sports, or devoting some time to yourself. However, don’t run to extremes. Try adjusting a waking up schedule step by step. If you don’t much on your agenda, don’t feel guilty for sleeping in; 
  • Write everything down. Get into a habit of measuring your time and keeping a diary. Mark there everything you’ve done: from staring into a wall for 10 minutes to crashing to somebody’s party. This will help you keep track of the precious time. Eventually, analyze this diary and figure out what you could cross out from your daily routine. You can use apps instead of classical notebooks. We will review the best app for time management later; 
  • Plan your day. Creating a list of things to be done is vital. In the evening, write down everything you must accomplish tomorrow. Then, highlight three or four main tasks and start your day with completing them. This will not save you much time. However, think of a feeling of joy and satisfaction when you finish the most difficult and important tasks before noon. Oh, and that sweet moment of crossing them out from your list!;
  • Divide big assignments into smaller ones. Spend one hour daily writing your course paper, instead of leaving everything for the last moment. No one likes those sleepless nights with coffee and Red Bull;
  • Prioritize. While creating those lists, try to pick out the most useful and burning tasks; 
  • Optimize your life. Define every sphere of your life and devote time to each of them while planning.

Eisenhower Matrix 

If you have troubles prioritizing the assignments, use the renowned “Eisenhower Method”. Evaluate your tasks using the criteria of important/unimportant and urgent/not urgent:

  • important and urgent requires immediate actions;
  • important and not urgent can be planned;
  • urgent and unimportant distract you from achieving your goal;
  • not urgent and unimportant waste your time though can be pleasant. 

The Best 6 Time Management Apps for College Students

Technologies simplify our lives greatly. Almost everything we might need can be found in the smartphone: an alarm, a schedule, a camera, emails. Nowadays, there are plenty of time management tools and apps available on the market. We offer you the best 9 applications which will help you analyze your routine, stick to the plans, and, eventually, save time:

It is a plain and easy-to-use app for keeping track of your current assignments. Its convenient interface allows adding and finishing tasks with simple gestures. Moreover, the app will send you push notifications to remind about deadlines and highlight the most significant tasks. 

Price: $9.99

Available on iOS, OS X and Apple Watch.

This app will help you create lists of tasks and share them with your friends, relatives, and other students. 

Price: Free, with a Pro version at $4.99 per month

Available on iOs, OS X, Windows Phones, Android, Kindle.

This is a fully automated time tracking software which analyzes everything you do in the digital world. It will calculate the time you spend on various websites and help you build a more balanced lifestyle. If you like, it can block some apps and websites so that they won’t distract you. 

Price: Free, with a Pro version at $6 per month

Available on iOS and Android, OS X, Windows, and Linux.

It’s a flexible web and mobile application for managing your projects and tasks individually or in cooperation with others. It is extremely useful in tracking the progress with sharing comments, files, and checklists. 

Price: Free

Available on iOS and Android, OS X, Windows, and Linux.

This app is based on neuroscientific research and uses music to boost productivity. According to its creators, this fellow can help increase your attention by 400%!

Price: starting at $8.50

Available on iOS devices

Remember that everything is in your hands. You can either reach for your smartphone to surf the Internet or for success. 

• Indy           

This is an adaptive, all-in-one management software that tracks everything from proposals to payments. Indy makes organization and time management easy, letting its users focus on their work.  Available on iOS and Android, OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Price: Right now a monthly subscription to a Pro Bundle is $12/month. Here you can find all details:

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