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How Safe Is It to Take an Uber Ride These Days?

October 20, 2020

The 21st century has seen technological advances that were inconceivable only 30 years ago and these advances have disrupted many industries as the internet and social media comes to the fore. One such sector of the economy that has been hugely affected is the taxi industry as it has seen international new players such as Uber and Lyft enter the market, leaving the role of the traditional cabby virtually redundant. 

Users download an app and upon requesting a cab they can choose the nearest driver to them ensuring that they get their lift much more quickly than the traditional means of waiting in a queue at a taxi rank. These drivers are self-employed but are vetted by the companies they drive for, thereby, in theory, ensuring a safe trip. However, it does not always work like this and there are increasing reports that using these services is unsafe. To give yourself peace of mind we are now going to take a look at how safe it really is to take an Uber ride these days, so read on to find out more. 


The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything in 2020 with our lives being turned upside down. Many of us have lost our jobs meaning that every penny earned is crucial and social distancing protocols have meant that we cannot socialize as we once did and we are forced to wear face masks and other protective clothing when we are in public spaces or in close proximity to others. This has meant that the taxi industry has suffered by the nature of the fact that you are riding in a car close to at least one other stranger. However, the ride-hailing behemoths such as Uber have taken measures to mitigate against this by making it compulsory for all their drivers and passengers to wear a facemask. Furthermore, they are developing technology that will make it impossible for a driver to offer a ride if they are not wearing a mask. So, when it comes to the dastardly virus you can rest assured that Uber and the like are doing all they can to offer you a ride as safely as possible. 

Road safety

Road safety is paramount in the eyes of Uber so they have taken many measures to ensure that you get to your destination in one piece. All drivers are vetted before they are permitted to use the platform to ensure that they have driving experience and the appropriate license. Furthermore, they must prove that they have the correct insurance in place so that if they are involved in an accident then you will receive the compensation that you deserve. To further reassure yourself you can check Uber and Lyft crash statistics in the state that you live, and if you have any issues there are many highly qualified lawyers that can help you, should you be involved in an accident. From a road safety point of view, you know that when traveling with Uber that the driver will be competent and have all the necessary insurance so you do not need to worry yourself unduly. 

Personal safety and workplace safety

There is only so much a company like Uber can do to ensure your personal safety as there is always the possibility of a driver being a bad egg, but having said that there are many features that Uber have incorporated to protect you in any event. All trips are recorded via GPS so your loved ones can track you whilst you are traveling to your destination, and there is an emergency assistance button on the app should you get into any difficulties. There is also a dedicated phone line for 24/7 instant support and there is a two-way rating system in place that means that you can check a driver’s rating before you get in their cab so that if you have any concerns you can refuse a lift. Safety is the most important thing in the eyes of Uber so, despite all the risks out there, it really is a safe way of getting from A to B in a cheap and efficient manner. 

As we have learned Uber and other ride-hailing platforms take your safety incredibly seriously. They have protocols put in place to ensure that all drivers and passengers comply with the requirement for face masks and sanitation during the pandemic, and all drivers are vetted and must carry their own insurance to protect both parties in the event of an accident. All rides are tracked and there is a dedicated phone line to report incidents that will be investigated as quickly as possible. So, should you need to use a ride-hailing service you can be assured that Uber and their ilk are doing all they can to make your experience as safe as possible. 

In addition to health and travel safety, we must also take precautions for safety in the workplace. Learn to identify vulnerable areas of the building you work in. Is the alarm system working? Is there sufficient lighting on the outside of the building? There are many safety measures that should be monitored on a regular basis.

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