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What It Takes to Design an Online Slot Machine

November 6, 2020

Online casinos tend to load their gaming portfolio with online slots because these games of chance are responsible for generating more than fifty percent of gaming revenue. The fact that over half of the games at online casinos are slot games shows just how popular they are with players from all over the world.

Slot players never seem to get tired of playing classic slots such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Book of Da Deluxe, Beowulf, Thunderstruck II, The Great Albini, and Goldstruck. However, online slot players are constantly looking for new slots and the demand has pushed game developers to develop and release new slots on a regular basis.

Popularity Forces Developers To Release New Slots

The following are reasons for the popularity of slot games:

  • Impressive variety and a wide range of themes
  • Affordable betting range
  • Available for free or real money play
  • Progressive jackpots running into six or seven figures
  • Lucrative features such as bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers, re-spins, extra wilds, gamble games, and more
  • Compatible with desktop, smartphones, and tablets

Moreover, slots are easy to play with results based on luck. If you get lucky while playing a progressive Slot Gacor Hari ini, you can get very rich overnight.

Some of the top slot developers over the years including Netent, Play N Go and iSoftbet. We take a look at one of Netent’s popular slots called Imperial Riches and give you a breakdown of how this game works towards the end of this article. You can play Imperial Riches at

How Online Slots Are Made

All online slots have their origins in thought form which is documented either on paper or online. It takes close to one year for an online slot to receive its final shape and form. An online slot is the result of the collaborative efforts of game designers, server developers, mathematicians, front-end developers, project managers, game testers, configurators, creative teams, and graphic designers.

We know that each slot stands in a class of its own, but development teams often use the frameworks or mechanisms of existing slots to create a brand new game.

The following are the various steps to go into the making of an online slot:

  • A group of creative teams, marketing experts, and product management & development teams meet to discuss gaming concepts.
  • They may have to meet several times before a gaming concept develops into an idea that has the potential to develop into a new slot.
  • The group then presents the idea to the product team and the creative team.
  • These teams then start looking for online slots based on similar themes in the market.
  • They start thinking of ways to create something that will stand apart from the crowd and attract customers.
  • Once they determine a theme, they think of moods. Should the graphics be cartoonish or realistic? How can they create bonus rounds that match the game’s theme and mood?
  • Every detail of the slot is well thought out. These details include colour schemes, audio effects, background music and soundtracks, animations, fonts, and more. Even the tiniest details such as the time taken for the bonus game to load are considered.

The aim is to create a game capable of delivering the best possible gaming experience to players.

The quality of the games can be seen in 4 Squad

Creating a branded slot is challenging as the designers and developers have to research the brand thoroughly. For example, they have to study the characters, highlights, and main scenes if they have to create a movie slot so that they can incorporate these into the game. Also, the brand owner has to approve the slot and make sure that it protects the brand’s best interests.

Creating original slots is also challenging. In this case, designers have to think of ways to make the slot as different as possible from a large number of slots that dozens of creators develop and release into the industry every year.

Continuous Updates are Essential

The story doesn’t end with the creation of a slot. A successful slot is one that captures the imagination of players and retains their interest, but game designers cannot just abandon a completed slot.

They have to continuously tweak the software to keep up with the rapid changes in gaming technology. They have to make the slot compatible with new operating systems, browsers, and platforms that flood the market.

An online slot becomes successful only if it generates adequate revenue, attracts new players, and retains the interest of existing players. Ultimately, players decide whether a slot is good or not. No data can help designer and developer teams to create a slot that will definitely become a hit.

Putting it briefly, a good slot gives great returns to players, features spectacular graphics, animations, and audio effects, and offers plenty of features such as wilds & scatters, multipliers, progressive jackpots, free spins, re-spins, bonus rounds, random prizes, and others.

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