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Best Things to Give Away at Marketing Events

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and promote your company at a marketing event, conference or trade show – but just how can you get the maximum return on investment (ROI) and leave a clear and lasting impression in the minds of your potential and existing clients?

The aim of attending any marketing event is to generate more trade and increase awareness of your firm, but many companies struggle to find ways to generate interest in their goods and services. Of course, you should make sure your trade stand is as eye-catching as possible and ensure your staff is proactive in approaching visitors but, with so many other companies exhibiting at these events, it can often be difficult to stand out in the minds of clients after the show is over.

Giveaways can help jog memories

Increasingly, companies are coming to realize the tremendous potential of giving away freebies at conferences and trade events – items produced by a branding agency that can be used long after a show has ended and can help jog memories of their firm. Here are just a few of the most successful handouts you should consider giving to your clients. 

Rule 101 – make sure you have printed materials: At the very least, you should ensure you have a business card to hand out. Ideally, you should also back this up with a well-designed brochure or perhaps an interactive presentation on a removable USB drive. Anything that the client can refer to later will help them remember you and make them more likely to engage with you.  

Branded pens and other writing tools: While it’s true a huge percentage of our communication is made via computers and devices these days, there are multiple instances when a pen is the best solution for taking notes or sketching down ideas. Handing out pens or other writing tools branded with your logo will be appreciated by your clients and will also provide a useful reminder of your firm each time they use them.

Cups and mugs with your logo: Most offices tend to have tea and coffee-making facilities, often with staff sharing the same mugs. Handing out free cups or mugs featuring your logo could see you enjoying the considerable benefits of free advertising as your clients enjoy their morning coffee each day.

Corporate gifts: If you want to up your branding game and have a real impact on your customers, you could consider giving away higher-end tech goods like branded speakers, sunglasses, phone chargers or USB drives, etc. Handing out non-work-related goods that offer a tangible benefit can ingratiate your firm to clients and leave a long-lasting impression.

Bags and backpacks: Chances are your visitors will have already visited a huge number of other exhibitors at the same show, so what better way to make an impact than by offering them a bag or backpack to carry your competitors’ brochures and associated paraphernalia? Not only will you make a positive impression on your clients by being so helpful, you’ll also trump your rivals’ efforts at being remembered. Also, branded bags provide free advertising – both at the show and once it’s all over.