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How the Venetian Celebrates Lavish Design in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as being the home of the extravagant, with outrageous hotels, casinos, and shows. When planning a trip to the entertainment capital of the world, you are spoilt for choice in terms of accommodation but one of the leading venues is The Venetian.

You may be struck by the huge selection of online pokies and the quality of online casino games today is fantastic. However, everyone should visit Las Vegas at least once in their lives and The Venetian is a tremendous place to stay.

In April 2019, The Venetian celebrated its 20th anniversary and when it opened, people questioned the choice of linking a hotel and casino with a convention centre. Las Vegas was known as a place for gambling and entertainment, not one where people would choose to come for business conferences or exhibitions. The Venetian proved those people wrong and have shown it is possible for casinos and conventions to exist together and be successful.

So, what is it about The Venetian that makes it so special?

As you may have guessed from the name of the resort, The Venetian is themed on the Italian city of Venice. It covers an area of 36 acres and is home to a 120,000 square foot casino, with over 3,000 suites spread across 35 stories. Not only is The Venetian enormous but it pays tribute to the best of Venice, with the architecture and opulence of the Italian city brought to life in style.

Some of the biggest draws in Venice include The Doges’ Palace, Campanile, Bridge of Sighs, and Rialto Bridge and each of these have been reproduced in stunning detail at The Venetian. The replica Saint Mark’s Square is a remarkable sight, and it is easy to forget you are in Las Vegas as the living statues, and street performers get to work as you stroll around and admire the surroundings. The waterways are a key feature of Venice, and The Venetian brings them to life, with gondola rides one of the many attractions.

One of the key features for guests is the size and design of the hotel rooms. They are bigger than many of the other resorts in Las Vegas and feature classic Italian touches. Many of the hotels in Las Vegas constructed rooms that were made to tempt the guest to leave the room and spend in the casinos. That is not the case with The Venetian, and it was one of the first resorts in Las Vegas to build large, comfortable rooms. The Venetian has been designed with the high-spending guest in mind and it is not the venue for a group of lads travelling for a stag weekend.

Near the front desk of The Venetian, you will find the Armillary Sphere, which is a model of objects in the sky, and this leaves many guests in awe. There are even rumours of treasure being buried within the Armillary Sphere and this only adds to the allure of The Venetian.

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