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Buffalo Art Scene – Art Galleries and Museums to Visit 

Western New York is a special place for all art lovers out there. The Buffalo art scene has been thriving for quite a while, and this does come as a surprise considering Buffalo is home to many amazing art galleries and museums.

When discussing Buffalo and its art scene, we have to mention the city’s museum mile. The museum mile features several awesome art galleries that focus on contemporary and regional art and history.

Besides hosting impressive art exhibitions, Buffalo art galleries and museums of the Buffalo Museum mile also host educations programs, panel discussions, and even movie premiers.

Over the years, Buffalo art galleries and museums showcased the work of many artists, such as Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian, Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso, Albert Gleizes, and Alexander Rodchenko among many others.

World-renowned sculptors, such as Per Kirkeby, John Connell, Allan Graham, and Kiki Smith had their work showcased at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery located at Elmwood Avenue.

When it comes to art, glue has a very special place. In art, different types of glues as supplied by us, are used in different forms, usually as powder and crystals mixed with distilled water.

Artists commonly use different forms of construction adhesives when working on pieces made of wood. Epoxies, Polyurethane foams, and sealants are used as well. With loads of different tools and equipment available, nothing can stop artists from expressing their creative side.

When it comes to the Buffalo art scene, the city houses quite a few awesome places for all art lovers out there including the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo History Museum, and Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Albright-Knox Art Galley

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery was built in 1890. In 1905 and 1962, the building was renovated and expanded. For many years, the gallery has been one of the most popular showplaces for contemporary and modern art.

The gallery is operated by the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy that is one of the oldest institutions of this kind in the USA. The construction of the gallery started on the 15th of January 1900 after John J. Albright donated needed funds.

The gallery was designed by an amazing architect Edward Brodhead Green. The gallery’s third building called Clifton Hall was finished in 1920. The gallery was extended in 1962 after Seymour H. Knox, Jr. donated funds.

The gallery has a stunning collection of post-impressionistic and impressionistic Vincent Van Gogh’s and Paul Gauguin’s paintings. Many paintings from surrealism, cubism, and constructivism by Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso, and Pier Mondrian are also featured at the gallery.

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery also includes pop art and abstract expression art pieces by Arshile Gorky, Clyfford Still, Andy Warhol, and Jackson Pollock.

Buffalo History Museum

The Buffalo History Museum is one of the National Historic Landmarks. The museum was constructed in 1901 by George Cary. Today, all three floors offer many different exhibits.

One of these called the Rotary Gallery features amazing model trains. In addition, visitors get to enjoy the State Court, the Erie County Room, the Community Gallery, the Pioneer Gallery, and the Native American Gallery.

Those who want to learn more about the city’s rich sports history should definitely take a look at the museum’s Icons The Makers and Moments of Buffalo Sports exhibit. Besides, the museum houses over 100,000 artifacts, a stunning collection of books, over 200,000 photographs, and numerous valuable maps, posters, and prints.

Burchfield Penney Art Center

The city of Buffalo is also home to The Burchfield Penney Art Center which features the biggest collection of Charles E. Burchfield’s work. The art center was established in 1966.

In addition to being dedicated to the amazing work of Charles E. Burchfield, the art center also features an amazing collection of art and work by many other New York artists.

The art center includes a library, museum, and special activity space for young artists. Visitors to the art center have quite a few exhibitions to explore including Bill Stewart and A Shaman’s World, Charles Cary Rumsey In Motion, and Stay Goldish exhibitions.

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