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Disbarred Attorney Cunha Avoids Arrest Makes Statement About Corrupt CT Family Court Judges Adelman and Moukawsher

Family Court Judge Thomas G. Moukawsher disbarred CT attorney Nickola Jean Cunha in January 2022. He disbarred her because she accused Family Court Judge Gerard I. Adelman of bias.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher

She alleged Adelman’s bias favored Jewish lawyers, court-appointed therapists, and custody evaluators in Family Court. Adelman is Jewish.

Scores of victims have condemned Adelman for bias against women, terminating mothers’ parental rights in high conflict divorce and custody cases. 

Three elected representatives of CT, Senator Gary WinfieldRepresentative Edwin Vargas, and Representative Minnie Gonzalez, spoke about Adelman’s record of awarding sole legal and physical custody to fathers, and often forcing no-contact orders between children and their mothers, leaving mothers homeless and destitute.

CT Senator Gary Winfield
CT Representative Minnie Gonzalez
Representative Edwin Vargas says Ademan is the “posterboy for the worst of the worst” judge.

Representative Edwin Vargas voted against Judge Adelman’s reappointment, stating, “We have been around this many times with Family Court. I’ve been watching this for a long time. And I’ve expressed my feelings about this whole GAL system, the guardian ad litem system… How a person loses their home. I fail to see how the best interest of the child is protected by forcing someone to sell their home. Judge Adelman has become the poster boy of the worst of the worst… If we at least don’t reject Judge Adelman… I think we’re sending the wrong message that this whole reappointment process is just a rubber stamp.” 

Cunha provided five examples to Judge Moukawsher where Judge Adelman allegedly demonstrated bias against women: 

1. HHD FA07 4034225 S Thaner, Robert B. v. Thaner, Lori A.
2. FBT FA14 4045766 S Stvan, Thomas Beck v. Stvan Paige Taylor
3. FBT FA06 4015691 S Sorrentino, Saverio v. Sorrentino, Kathryn 
4. FBT FA15 5031098 S Beall-Gomes, Tara v. Gomes, Daniel
5. FBT FA11 4054779 S, Lucia Cinotti v. Michael Divers, Cinotti v. Adelman, 16-1804 (2d Cir. 2017),
Court of Appeals for the Second CircuitIn addition.

She later disclosed numerous other cases, including the case of the notorious Chris Ambrose. He stole his wife’s inheritance and confiscated their marital assets to pay Adelman’s cronies. This ensured he got full custody and did not have to give his wife her share of the marital assets that amounted to more than $2 million.

Judge Adelman gave Chris Ambrose, determined to be a high risk abuser by CT courts, sole custody and all the money.

Cunha’s efforts to disqualify Adelman, which earned the wrath of the CT Family Court judiciary, were on behalf of Ambrose’s wife Karen Riordan and their three children.

Judge Gerard I Adelman

In giving all the money to Ambrose, Adelman also ordered no time with their mother, and denied the mother’s motions for the children, now 15, 15, and 11, to be appointed their own counsel (AMC’s advocate for what the children want). 

All three children are traumatized by the loss of their mother, as numerous documents show.

The Ambrose Papers Part 1: ‘Secrets and Lies’: TV Writer Chris Ambrose and the Connecticut Family Court Puts Children in Danger

The Ambrose Papers Part 2: Children Cry Out for Escape From Father; Nobody Listens

“What should be questioned is why I was targeted for going public with the truth,” Cunha said.

After disbarring her, Moukawsher ordered Cunha to turn over her clients’ contact information and active and pending files to a court-appointed trustee. Cunha did not turn over all her records. Some of her clients did not want their confidential attorney-client records turned over to what they believe is a corrupt Family Court judiciary.

Moukawsher seized her escrow account. He found Cunha had withdrawn $30,000 from the account. He suggested she might have stolen clients’ money.

Cunha freely admitted she withdrew $30,000 on February 2, 2022.

She said, “The funds belonged to me. I provided a complete accounting with three months of bank statements. The money was earned pursuant to valid written agreements with one client. I provided a complete list of all active files. I turned over all files to the Trustee that clients didn’t request directly or directed that I give to an attorney on their behalf.”

Mouskawsher was not satisfied. He ordered a CT State Marshal to arrest Cunha on Tuesday. She is not charged criminally. She has not yet been arrested. 

Nickola Cunha

On Friday, Cunha made the following statement:

I am reaching out to alert all to the grave, malicious prosecution, miscarriage of justice, and victimizing of myself by Judge Gerard Adelman, Judge Thomas Moukawsher, Judge Jane Grossman and Michael Kamp.

I am seeking immediate censoring of each of the above judicial members.

I have been retaliated against and stripped of my Basic Human Rights.

I am currently facing a Take Into Custody Order (Capias) issued by Judge Thomas Moukawsher in a fake, made-up docket.

There is no writ, summons, or complaint. I was never afforded notice of the alleged wrongdoings that Judge Moukawsher has falsely accused me of committing. I was never provided the ability to defend the false claims published by Judge Moukawsher.

Judge Moukawsher continues to issue false narratives solely to cause my family and me intentional harm.

1. I withdrew $30,000.00 on February 2, 2022. The funds belonged to me. I provided a complete accounting with three months of bank statements. The money was earned pursuant to valid written agreements with one client. I provided a complete list of all active files. I turned over all files to the Trustee that clients didn’t request directly or directed that I give to an attorney on their behalf.

2. I have been denied my right to practice law for doing what I was obligated to do pursuant to the Code of Conduct for Attorneys.

3. I have always been honest in all my interactions with the court.

4. I fully respect and support all religions.

5. I fully respect and support all people.

6. I have always vigorously represented litigants regardless of religion, race, color, creed, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

7. I have worked endless hours throughout my career ensuring to provide legal assistance to less fortunate individuals unable to access legal representation.

8. I have continued to represent clients regardless of their ability to honor our fee agreement, to ensure that they have representation to the end of their matters.

9. I have acted in good faith to maintain the integrity of the judicial system.

10. I have always reported acts that I believe amount to violations of laws to whom I believed to be the appropriate public officials for investigation.

11. I am being gaslighted, subjected to meritless blame for acts committed by others for which I have and had no part, are being projected onto me.

Due to the conduct of the above-named judges, I have lost my business, hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, I am suffering grave health consequences and have been put in a false light in the public eye.

I have been denied access to redress through the courts.

I ask each of you to imagine for just one minute, being me, subject to the above horrendous acts solely for doing your job.

There must be judicial accountability. I am seeking support to stop this nightmare for myself, other professionals also subjected to retaliation, and litigants in this state that are stripped of basic human rights.

Dianne Hart never saw her children again; Hart case appeal.

The late Dianne Hart, “A Mother with Endless Love for Her Children,” opposed Judge Adelman and Judge Klatt. 

Her obituary states: “She testified in front of the CT Task Force to Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care and Custody of Minor Children, established by legislators to investigate corruption. Dianne along with other brave parents did so even under a credible fear of retaliation by the courts in their own cases for speaking out.”

It was said that Hart, who lost her children through the ruthless and corrupt machinations of Judge Adelman, died of a broken heart.

The full Judiciary Confirmation Hearing re: Reappointment of Judge Gerard Adleman.

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