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Why Canadians Love Online Casino That Much: Reasons

May 4, 2022

As technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence are blurring the lines between real life and gaming, the era of life-like casino games is here. And there is no doubt that Canada is going to make the most of this revolution in their casinos with no deposit bonus in Canada.

The country has always had a strong foothold in the online gambling arena, with many online casinos opening and thriving year after year. But what makes Canadians love online casinos so much? Is it the variety of games or the considerable disposable income of the population? Well, let’s find out! 

The Ability to Access Hundreds of Online Casinos 

Game diversity is one of the factors that makes this hobby immensely popular in the country. Though casinos are still not legal in Canada, online gambling through a website is not illegal. Thus, there are loads of online casino sites available in Canada that are incorporated in foreign nations, such as Malta or the UK. As such, the Canadians can play the games from the top developers in the arena while sitting at their homes. 

Also, it means that they can constantly access different bonuses and promotions with the help of various payment options. It significantly lowers the overall cost of playing different games. All in all, there is sufficient content to last for years, and Canadians will never get bored because they will always have something new to try out.

Canadians’ Love for Gambling is Historical 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Canadians have gambling in their blood. After all, even the first ones to settle here were attracted to these games. The first settlers started observing the indigenous tribes playing different games of luck for fun. Many of those are played to this day. Now, gambling was banned at a certain point in time. 

In the early nineties, people played at the lotteries for charitable fundraising. However, the beginning of the 20th century slowly saw it coming back to the mainstream culture. And by the latter half of the century, casino games and gambling became completely legal in certain provinces. 

The post-recession period that happened after 2012 involved noticeable growth of the gambling industry in Canada. Thereafter, gambling through online sportsbooks, online casinos, lotteries, and the likes, kept increasing in the eight years that followed. Territory-wise, Ontario has the highest number of regular gamblers in the country. It also has the distinction of being the top region with the highest gambling revenue in the country. Here are the top three gambling territories in Canada in terms of CAGR: 

  • Ontario – CAGR 28.1% 
  • Quebec – CAGR 20.3%  
  • British Columbia – CAGR 24.6% 

Quebec has the record for the fastest increase in revenues. Its revenues rise approximately by 2.12% every year. It made the region generate a revenue of more than three billion Canadian dollars annually. Quebec has come to be regarded as the state that’s mostly followed terms of gambling laws. 

Flexible Rules for Online Gambling in Canada 

Unlike many other nations, the gambling rules are pretty flexible in Canada. The regulations are much more flexible than in the USA. Therefore, it gives Canadians loads of options in terms of online gambling, and the industry keeps thriving. 

It is true that despite all the revenues that offshore casinos earn from gambling, the Canadian government is yet to solidify the legislation for online gambling. Many of the casino operators functional online continue to be in the grey in this matter. On the other hand, Canada chose to have a decentralized approach in terms of online gambling. Every province or territory gets the freedom to make its laws in terms of gambling within its borders. 

Canadians’ Love for Sports Is Legendary 

Canadians love going to sports bars to enjoy different sports events and socialize. Their love for basketball, cricket, rugby, soccer, football, and hockey is legendary. Being ardent fans, they aren’t hesitant about placing wagers on these sporting events. They also love high tech products like Windows and its new ways of taking screenshots.

And placing bets in an online casino is almost in the same vein. Now, Canada has rules and regulations that forbid the standard betting choices, though that is on the way to slowly changing at present. Usually, the Canadian bettors wager on the foreign websites because they get to place single event bets this way. As an online casino operator might also provide sports betting options, they are the right fit for Canadians who are both into sports betting and casino games. 

Gambling Majorly Contributes to the Canadian Economy 

Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia are all home to some of the most breathtaking gambling resorts in the country. Several online casinos have their land-based outfits here because it is legal. These online and land-based casinos are highly beneficial to the Canadian economy. They even sponsor many of the fan-favourite sports teams. In simple words, many of the good things that Canadians love have been partially made possible by the gambling industry. 

Now, it is already known that the living standards in the country are pretty high. Due to this reason, many citizens have sufficient disposable income to use for playing at the online casinos. Also, it means that gambling isn’t antagonized like the less developed nations of the world. Players see it as a means of entertainment, rather than a way to achieve financial stability. However, it is still important not to go overboard, practice restraint, and stop reckless spending. 

Internet Presence and Smartphone Usage 

Canada is one of the leaders of global technological development in several areas, such as energy, telecommunications, and transportation. In terms of telecommunication, just a glance at the percentage of the total Canadian population using the internet gives an inkling as to how online casinos became popular. Back in 2019, there were more than thirty-four million internet users in Canada. It means about 96 per cent of the population could access the online world. In this regard, it would also be relevant to state that there are more than thirty-one million smartphone users in Canada.  

The market for smartphones is a crucial part of the Canadian telecommunications industry. Of course, smartphones are one of the chief ways for people to play at online casinos. The industry of online casinos knows that people staying in a tech advanced country like Canada would love to enjoy different casino games anytime and from anywhere. 

Due to this reason, they have put in a lot of time and effort to make their websites smartphone-compatible to draw in the newer generation of gamblers. Many online casino operators have started coming up with mobile apps for this reason. 


And now you know all the reasons why Canadians love online casinos that much. It’s fun, exciting, and can be played from anywhere – what’s not to love, right? Combine the other reasons discussed above, and it gets easier to understand why the Canadian love for online casinos is here to stay. 

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