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Don’t Overdose: Here Is How You Can Get Your Life Back

There are thousands that die each year due to overdose. It’s something that those with addiction risk every day. If you are suffering from addiction, you may be one day away from experiencing it. Addiction is a gamble and while there are sites like Gamstop that block online gambling to help you there are also gambling sites not on Gamstop.

Some may be lucky enough to survive it. Others may not. If you are dealing with addiction and need treatment, this is your chance to prevent an overdose from happening.

Gallus Detox will be your treatment center that will build a plan that will save your life. You can go from risking an overdose to living life free of any worry. To find out more information, visit their website right here:

With that said, we’ll be taking a look at the dangers of overdosing and what you need to do for a treatment plan that will help get your life back.

Even if you survive, overdose can affect you

While many people die from overdose, there is a possibility for survival. Even if that person does live through an overdose, the effects from it will linger. For example, those who have overdosed on drugs and survived will have a higher chance of suffering from organ damage.

This means that the damage will be enough for them to not function as properly as they should. There can be potential health issues that will occur related to them such as lessened kidney function, cardiovascular issues, and much more.

You may also run the risk of a heart attack or stroke, which can happen at any time. Your brain can also be affected via a condition known as Toxic Brain Injury. Of those who have survived overdose, about a quarter of them had sought treatment due to a brain injury stemming from the trauma related to drug use.

At its worst, a person could suffer from brain damage (which can be permanent). It can even get to the point where they could be in a vegetative state. Other symptoms can include a loss of vision or hearing.

As you can see, the effects can get severe. It should be one good reason why you’ll need to get treatment now as soon as possible. An overdose will have life-altering consequences.

Overdose can happen other than the amount of drugs you take

Suppose you inject yourself with heroin. You may inject it in the same spot you normally would. The position you place yourself in when injecting drugs such as bending your arms and legs can increase the risk of overdose as well as serious injuries.

These serious injuries include but are not limited to nerve damages, limping, decreased mobility, and long-term pain that can come and go frequently. It can even get to a point where your limb may no longer function and amputation will be required.

You may also run the risk of compartment syndrome, which happens if the circulation is cut off leading to the death of muscles in a limb. This can also lead to the risk of amputation since blood is no longer going to the muscle itself and allow for functioning.

Imagine if you have no use of one or more limbs. It can make life more of a challenge. Overdosing on drugs can lead to this.

Every day, you risk the likelihood of overdosing when you use drugs. Each dose could be your last. You’ll want to make the life saving decision to get the help you need now rather than never at all.

Overdosing: What are the stats?

Since 2000, more than half a million Americans have died of a drug overdose. Of those numbers, sixty percent of them were related to opioids. Treatment centers have since adopted medication-assisted treatments (or MATs) to help reduce these numbers.

These have been able to save thousands of lives. MATs are often done while someone is recovering under an inpatient setting. It’s part of a treatment plan that can last weeks or even over a year depending on several factors.

Simply put, treatment plans like the one you’ll be on (should you seek help) are proven to work. You may relapse, but it won’t signify failure. Instead, you can put together a plan in case that happens.

Treatment plans are designed to not only prevent you from an overdose, but also kicking your addiction altogether. It starts with finding a facility that will have your best interests at heart while helping you achieve your goals.

A treatment plan will save your life

The sooner you get started on a treatment plan, the better. The truth is that it’s the one thing that will save your life from an overdose. What you also need to understand is that some treatment options will be less reliable than others.

For example, the opportunity to detox at home carries the most risk. That’s because you will have a chance to relapse or experience intense withdrawals. To make it even more scary, no medical staff will be ready and available close by.

That’s why you’ll want to consider the idea of doing it in an inpatient setting. Not only will you have medical staff on hand, but you’ll also be able to recover in a private setting. You’ll have access to other professionals that will handle other parts of your treatment plan such as therapists, doctors, and other experts that focus on areas of your health.

Final Thoughts

Overdosing can be fatal. If you survive, there will be long-term effects that will occur. Some of those can ultimately lead to death sooner or later.

To prevent overdose, it’s important to stop your addiction as soon as possible. This begins with you making the decision to get help. Gallus Detox is your treatment center that will be able to start you on the right path towards living a drug-free life.

Don’t take your life for granted. This is your chance to get the help you need. Contact us today and we will set you on the right path.

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