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Looking For A Crypto Broker? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Today there are well over 4000 different cryptocurrencies in the market. Investing in a digital currency is a great way to make money, but it takes time. Just like fiat currencies and physical assets, digital currencies take time to appreciate in value, so you could wait for a few weeks to a few years for the currency to grow in value.

A quicker approach to making money through crypto is to get into crypto trading. You buy cryptocurrencies cheap, sell them for markup, and earn through the difference. A good broker is critical if you want to make money through crypto trading. Here are the most important things to look for in a good broker.


When you first get started with trading crypto you will probably be trying many different trading strategies. As you get more experience and you start to understand what works best for you, you can narrow your operations down to a few tactics that you are proficient in. At these different stages in your trading life, you will need different services from a trading platform.

Some platforms are designed with newbies in mind offering all the different options a new trader could want. Others are more specialized and offer only a handful of services that are better suited for advanced traders. Experts over at eToro investing platform offer various services that any Crypto trader would need. You can easily start off with a free account and start to learn how it all works. When you reach the point where you are comfortable in trading and want something with more advanced functionality there are other platforms you can move to.

Financial Backing

The amount of money you invest into your trading account and even the money you earn from trading is stored with the broker till you transfer it to your account. The broker is also the only point of contact you have to interact with the exchange and the broader crypto market. This is why your broker must be a dependable company.

There have been plenty of scams in which the broker has completely vanished with the money and in other cases, brokers have been manipulating the profits that clients are earning. Rather than relying on word of mouth, verify information through credible tools such as the broker check provided by FINRA. This is an approved and certified tool that you can use to check all kinds of information about brokers, financial service companies, and many other businesses in the financial industry. 


Different trading platforms will have different costs for different services. The best way to select a platform will depend on how frequently you trade, the kind of services you need for the trades, and what the value of each trade is. If you are a scalp trader, you will most likely carry out dozens of daily trades. A difference of even a few cents per trade can add up to a considerable amount of money. If you are a long-term investor then being able to make large transactions is more important than the cost of each transaction. Look into how the broker charges for their services and see if you can get a customized offering. For new traders, investing in market analytics and research provided by the broker would be useful, even if this is a paid service.


Trading is done in real-time and the market is constantly going up and down. Just delaying action by a few seconds can be the difference between a profit and a loss. If something were to go wrong with the platform or you needed any assistance, you wanted to get the fastest service possible. When it comes to support services, the broker should offer telephonic, chat, and email support round the clock. Higher-end brokers will provide human support rather than AI-powered support. This is a very important consideration for new traders.

A good broker can also be a very useful resource for learning about trading and learning about the cryptocurrency market in general. Many brokers provide their clients with free newsletters and weekly or monthly research papers. Again the quality of information you get from the broker will depend on how good the broker is and how well they are able to study the market and provide meaningful insights. The best way to get started is to select a broker who can give you a limited-time free trial. This will give you the space to explore their services without risking real money. If you are satisfied, you can sign up for a paid account and continue trading.